Documentary film about a SOLARKIOSK operator and community on ARTE channel

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The recently-completed documentary film “Der Sonnenkönig der Massai” (The Sun King of the Masai) tells the story of the Kenyan Solarkiosk operator Joel Kanunga and the impact of a Solarkiosk on the rural community of Entasopia in southern Kenya. Although it is located in a lush and fertile area, Entasopia is a remote community far off the electricity grid, reachable only via rugged dirt roads. Despite the limited infrastructure, Joel Kanunga insists that access to solar energy can steer Entasopia on the path to a positive and sustainable development. The film illustrates the impact of the Solarkiosk on the livelihood of the local population, particularly focusing on its influence on Joel’s life and his role in the community.


The documentary will premiere on the Franco-German ARTE channel on Sept. 16th at 16:15h. After the broadcast, the film will also be featured on ARTE’s website for a limited time at the following link:

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