SOLARKIOSK Operator Training in Ethiopia

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The SOLARKIOSK Ethiopia team is currently hosting its largest training session so far in Addis Abeba. The training session is being attended by 16 Solarkiosk operators (15 of whom are female) from remote communities of various regions in Ethiopia.


In order to provide the most comprehensive training session so far, the SOLARKIOSK Ethiopia team has partnered up with local chapters of some well-known organizations with the best local expertise. As such, the local GIZ team is helping to provide extensive hands-on training with Energy Efficient Cook Stoves. Solar23 is assisting with the training on various solar products. All operators are actively participating in the training and they will immediately transfer the know-how gained from the training session into their respective SOLARKIOSK outlet.


We are extremely proud of our Ethiopia team and of all our SOLARKIOSK operators!



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