SOLARKIOSK Ghana Community Impact Events

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The SOLARKIOSK Ghana team helped organize two very successful community impact events in the EKOCENTER locations of Berekuso and Kokrobite, near the Ghanian capital Accra. The events focused on several crucial impact issues: health, solar energy, and energy-efficient cook stoves.


The SOLARKIOSK Ghana team partnered with local doctors and the EKOCENTERS were used as a platform to provide free malaria examinations and eye examinations within the community. Educational materials on personal health, fertility and STDs were presented and shared with the event visitors.


The solar product manufacturer Barefoot Power offered an extensive session on solar energy benefits and products. The Dutch development agency SNV led a hands-on demonstration about energy-efficient cooking stoves, which significantly reduce the amount of fuel used for cooking. Furthermore, the event turned into a community celebration after a local music and dancing group hit the stage.


During the Berekuso town event, just north of Accra, the doctors utilized the opportunity to introduce a medical records system for the community. Locals who were diagnosed with high blood pressure received immediate treatment and their health is already improving steadily. The medical records system will help visiting doctors immensely with future treatments and diagnosis of Berekuso inhabitants.


The SOLARKIOSK Ghana team did an incredible job organizing and hosting the impact events and the overwhelmingly positive community feedback is additional encouragement for similar impact actions in the future. Special thanks goes out to Patricia Safo and the JCS company without whom these amazing events would not have been possible.


More SOLARKIOSK impact events to come!!


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