New Solarkiosk E-HUBBs in the Awassa Region of Ethiopia

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Solarkiosk E-HUBB in Mero Qebado, Ethiopia…off grid, yet connected.


The Ethiopian Solarkiosk team has recently inaugurated two brand-new E-HUBB kiosks in the Awassa region in southern Ethiopia. The inaugurations took place in the villages of Belela and Mero Qebado, where the vast majority of the local population has no access to the electricity grid. Despite the lack of energy connectivity in the region, access to solar alternatives is nonexistent — a fact that is about to change because the area will host three additional E-HUBB kiosks that will be implemented later this year in other villages. We are very proud that all Ethiopian E-HUBBs were manufactured locally in Addis Abeba — a testament to our continuous commitment to explore local manufacturing options and help support local expertise.


These E-HUBBs are part of the ‘EKOCENTER powered by SOLARKIOSK’ project, which is a partnership in several countries with our good friends at The Coca Cola Company. The EKOCENTER-branded kiosks will aim to achieve the same mission and impact goals that are mutually shared by SOLARKIOSK AG and The Coca Cola Company.



Awassa area officer, Olana Demisie (left) with the two female kiosk operators Zinash & Etabeza and Managing Director Samson Bekele


Solarkiosk CEO Andreas Spiess in action at the Belela E-HUBB, the first local provider of solar products


The E-HUBB operators Zinash and Etabeza are local women who recently participated in the extensive operator training at our subsidiary’s head office in Addis Abeba.  They are being actively supported by the Awassa Area Officer Olana Demisie, who oversees business performance and provides assistance on busy market days with promotional activities and direct customer support.


Solarkiosk Ethiopia country managers Roger Sobotker and Samson Bekele visited the villages together with Solarkiosk AG CEO Andreas Spiess and came away very impressed both by the natural beauty of the area and its people, as well as the business potential for solar products and energy services. The local community has provided amazing support before and during the implementation and we will be working hard with local leaders to raise awareness about the various benefits of solar energy.


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E-HUBBs in Mero Qebado (left) and Belela (right) – Awassa region, Ethiopia


Big kudos go out to our Ethiopian team, particularly to the Business Development team (Victoria & Hanibal) who spend countless hours in the field conducting crucial market research and seeking out communities where future Solarkiosk implementations will result in the highest positive impact.

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