The founding of the non-profit organization Solar Fountain gGmbH

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We are very pleased to formally announce the formation of the non-profit organization Solar Fountain gGmbH. It is a joint project between SOLARKIOSK AG and the Siemens Stiftung, whose focus will be on establishing a reliable supply of clean energy, purified water, and quality products & energy services through implementations of solar-powered kiosks. Local entrepreneurs will operate all kiosks and their business activities will contribute to the social, economic, and environmental development of their communities.



Siemens Stiftung is the company foundation of Siemens AG. It was founded in 2008 and takes on non-profit projects in the fields of basic services, education, and culture. Since 2010, Siemens Stiftung has been implementing water kiosks in East Africa. The “Safe Water Enterprises” provide access to clean drinking water by filtering untreated water from rivers, wells, or lakes through a membrane filter. With Solar Fountain gGmbH, Siemens Stiftung aims to establish a structure that allows further kiosks with a wider range on offer, including solar energy. This should reinforce the foundation’s objective to allow a better perspective for people in developing countries.



SOLARKIOSK AG enables and empowers the sustainable economic development of Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities worldwide through the provision of clean energy services, quality products and sustainable solutions. SOLARKIOSK AG fosters local entrepreneurship at the BoP by intertwining an inclusive business model with an award-winning technology solution: the SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB. The internationally renowned Graft Architects designed the modular E-HUBB kiosk and the first unit was successfully implemented in 2012. Since then, SOLARKIOSK has established six country subsidiaries and is involved with projects on three continents. By founding Solar Fountain gGmbH, SOLARKIOSK AG is committed to increasing engagement in the non-profit sector and maximize the positive impact in BoP communities by enabling access to safe drinking water and further crucial services.



The partnership between the two organizations began in 2013 when SOLARKIOSK AG was recognized as the winner of the Siemens Stiftung Empowering People Award. The competition recognizes technical solutions that achieve a sustainable improvement in the basic services of developing regions. The expertise and experience of both partners is being combined within Solar Fountain gGmbH to jointly strengthen the supply of basic services in developing countries.


Solar Fountain gGmbH is currently seeking candidates to fill the Managing Director & Head of Fundraising position. This person will be charged with successfully building up and moving forward the operational activities of the organization.



Gründer Solar Fountain

The founders of Solar Fountain gGmbH (from the left):

Lars Krückeberg, Georg Bernwieser, Christine Janezic, Rolf Huber, and Andreas Spiess

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