Solarkiosk inauguration in Karambi, Rwanda

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Solarkiosk E-HUBB inauguration on the 23rd of May 2016 in Karambi.


2016-05-23-KarambiThe successful Solarkiosk E-HUBB launching event in Karambi. The Solarkiosk E-HUBB was attended by a large group of very interested and curious participants from the community. The activities began at 2 p.m. and during the next seven hours the participants could learn about the Solarkiosk approach and closely experience how the community will be able to benefit from the clean energy access of Solarkiosk. All levels were represented at this joyful inauguration event. The Cell Executive secretary encouraged his people in a speech to support Solarkiosk, buy and own a solar product and offset kerosene lamps that are expensive and harmful. The Solarkiosk Region Manager thanked all attendants for coming, displayed Solarkiosk offerings and explained details of the Solarkiosk business model. Furthermore, he asked the community to support Solarkiosk as its has come to stay and work together with the community in order to improve their lives socially and economically.

When asking the population some weeks later in Karambi what their impression about the Solarkiosk products were, many people simply answered: “We are very excited about Solarkiosk. Solarkiosk is a unique partner for us! We can now access energy services anytime. Energy supply is steady and it’s aggregated offering has enabled us save on time and cost since we can access all basic goods, information, financial services, energy Services including printing , photo copying, photo shooting and solar products on one location and one time.” As an answer to the question how Solarkiosk has changed their daily life one of the village families said: “In general Solarkiosk has been able to rapidly transform lives of local people both socially and commercially. We bought Sunking Pro 2 and we can now charge the mobile phone from my house and have light. This has enabled us to enjoy clean and safe light and save bi-weekly phone charging costs. The lease facility of Solarkiosk has also enabled us to further to own a Solar Home System in addition to the solar lamp. My house is now full of light at night. We will pay overtime and after six months ownership it will be fully transferred to us and our family . We don’t have one-time capacity to buy Home Systems and therefore we very much appreciate Solarkiosk for enabling us this through their great lease facility.”

” There are so many ways that Solarkiosk now contributes to our future growth in the was as providing light at home to enable my kids to study at night and excel. We now also have access to news and information. My family will frequently visit the Solarkiosk to access TV, get informed and make social and business decisions based on the access to information that we have from Solarkiosk. Another great advantage is the quality of living standards. The introduction of Quality Solar Products into my house completely offset kerosene lamps whose smoke is harmful to our healthy living. I am waiting to continue testing and enjoying the products from Solarkiosk!”

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