Story of the day: Operator Training Rwanda

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Operator Training in Kigali (Rwanda) from the 4th-5th Sept


We are happy to congratulate the newest edition of Operators that joined the SK team in Rwanda. After a seemingly short time of education we now have small group of motivated and young new Operators ready and excited to engage in this field of profession. From installation of Solar products to the proper maintenance of the SOLARKIOSK istelf, every step in understading the responsibilites as a Operator is crucial for the proficiency we maintain and generally advocate… The importance of this position cannot be stressed enough. The Operator runs the Kiosk in every way physically possible and by doing so creates the intended impact. A good Operator makes the Kiosk flourish contrary to a bad Operator. Sure, we enable the opportunity but at the end of the day, the Individual standing in the Kiosk decides if she or he is willing to truly operate this business or not.


So the winds of change have brought about a new tide, flooding the shore with new Life.
With this Life spawns the vision tearing asunder the ignorance and prejudice built over time sustaining the illusion of separation we suffer from as humans.

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