Story of the day: The children

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This Story is dedicated to the children, benefitting directly from SOLARKIOSK whilst inspiring us to continue our effort consistently and consecutively. The phenomena that each of our projects is ubiquitously celebrated by children across rural Africa is a true blessing.


The fascination always surfaces in the eyes of the kids as they gaze upon the site clearly delighted by the atmosphere emitted by SOLARKIOSK. This correlation is a refreshing breeze for our team whenever engaged by their little brothers and sisters.

The lack of resources doesn’t seem to bother the children´s ever abundant creativity, as depicted below; a constellation of literal trash weaved into a fabrication resembling a unique and artistic version of a bobby cart. Nimble novelty occurring in places yet to be globalised, the evolutionary trademark of nature.


Depicted here (by children) is the connected solar grid area near the refugee camp in Jordan which SOLARKIOSK enabled electricity and internet for the school. The estimated 1000 children here enjoy a clean, anxiety free, and energy sufficient School life and we are happy to provide it along with our partners. These Kid’s are actual refugees who lost their homes and some even their families which makes the school and people they are with detrimental for their remaining childhood. This is the definition of impact.


Very well connected with nature as one can see, children tend to scope the lands from their advantage point, protected from the eyes of adults in the heights of the tree while enjoying the panoramic view. Being accepted and loved by the children is a great reassurance for our work directive and personal initiative; a true blessing.



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