The great team behind SOLARKIOSK

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We cherish the team of great individuals whose professionalism and drive make SOLARKIOSK what it is today. The operators of our E-HUBBs deserve a very special mention though – as they are the face of SOLARKIOSK in our daily operations, bringing solar products and sustainable consumer goods to underserved populations across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Meet Faith, who operates a SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB at Kasikeu in Makueni county, Kenya. Her dedication and hard work enable the kiosk to sell a variety of solar products monthly – from small solar torches to solar home systems. This means that every month, more families across Makueni get access to clean, sustainable energy and better productivity, health and safety.

On the images below you can see Faith and the E-HUBB at Kasikeu during busy daily operations.


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