The original founders of SOLARKIOSK meet in Masai Maara

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When in the year 2009 SOLARKIOSK was still an abstract concept, visible only in the imagination of the company’s CEO Andreas Spieß, he happened to meet GRAFT architects Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit and Lars Krückeberg ( in a hotel in Addis Abeba and told them about his idea.

At a stage where nobody else would understand or support him, GRAFT got it immediately and bought into Andreas’ vision of energy-connectivity last mile distribution and developing rural off-grid communities. GRAFT designed the E-HUBB according to complex and comprehensive requirements such as modularity, multifunctionality, kit-of-parts design, security, longevity, etc. The rest is history.

In July 2017, GRAFT and Andreas met in the Masai Maara to visit some of their “oldest” E-HUBBs which were implemented in 2012 and 2013. These units are still going strong and are in high demand throughout the Maara, evolving into solar market centers which GRAFT had anticipated from the get-go. In the pictures you can see Lars, Thomas, Wolfram and Andreas in front of one of their pioneer E-HUBBs and at a Masai community market.

Masai Maara 2

Masai Maara 1