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Our solar water heaters are more attractive than ever before because they are more competitive, reliable, environmentally-friendly using free renewable energy and providing high-efficient operation. The cost benefits of the solar water heaters that utilize the “green” technology are better than before. Using Solar water heaters help you to reduce your electricity bill drastically and using quality solar water heaters help you to save over a long period of time.

Advantages at a glance

  • 10 years Guarantee – Made in Germany – highest quality and rigorous testing of all used components
  • Production with the world’s first fully automated laser welding production for copper and aluminum full-surface absorbers
  • Carefully selected materials for maximum durability ensure a long service life with a short energy payback time and improved stability.
  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Our thermosiphon solar hot water heating includes a range of in-tank electric boosters to ensure you always have hot water on tap, even on cloudy days.
  • Innovative and patented absorber fastening
  • High efficiency thanks to highly transparent solar glass and full-surface absorber with highly selective coating
  • Collectors can be mounted in various ways: On-roof, flat-roof, facade mounting (also 90 degrees) and in-roof
  • Storage tanks are capable of providing hot water, even at night or during the days when the sun is not shining
termal panel single

Available products:

made in germany
  • Flat collectors
  • Thermosiphon tanks (Double-enameled steel and Stainless steel storage tank)
  • Accessories and fittings
  • Mounting systems
  • Thermosiphon ready to install in 150, 200, 300 Liters

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