Economic Development


SOLARKIOSK enables access to new solar-powered business opportunities through the provision of products, energy services and business solutions. They can transform BoP communities into self-sustainable energy centers through the utilization of solar energy.

The potential for entrepreneurial creativity together with the SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB is limitless. A BoP community can be illuminated with a solar-powered general store, restaurant, repair shop, salon/barber shop, bank, Internet service provider, telecom tower station, mail order station, and many more…it is happening now!

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Energy impact


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SOLARKIOSK meets the specific needs of BoP communities and serves as proof that solar technology can be affordable, functional, and efficient in BoP regions worldwide. The SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB becomes the exclusive outlet for certified solar products, ranging from small lights to full solar home system kits.

Furthermore, each SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB becomes the centerpiece for the sustainable provision of energy services in BoP communities, including:

•  Charging (mobile phones, batteries, lights)

•  Internet connectivity

•  Cooling of products and medication

•  Water purification

•  Copy/Print/Scan

•  News & Entertainment

Information & Education


After dusk, most remote communities become a place with few opportunities to interact, share information and engage in public discourse. SOLARKIOSK doesn’t just provide a source of light – it provides the means for continuous communication and information exchange, with Internet access and the ability to stay updated with the latest news on the local, national, and international level.

Access to information creates access to education and awareness; whether it is education on solar energy, water conservation, personal health & hygiene, disease prevention, environmental protection, or social awareness, SOLARKIOSK provides the foundation for a lasting social improvement.


Medical support & clean water



With its capacity to store and cool medications, each SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB is able to provide vital medical assistance to its community.


Additionally, water purification systems can be integrated as components into each E-HUBB for the provision of clean drinking water, which will help reduce the number of waterborne illnesses that are prevalent in BoP communities.

Local entrepreneurship,
training, and support


SOLARKIOSK is committed to enabling local – preferably female – entrepreneurship by providing continuous training and support in order to ensure a positive long-term cooperation with local operators. All SOLARKIOSK operators receive extensive business and technological training – creating knowledge that is shared with the community as well. Training workshops cover topics such as business management, solar products, computer skills, financial basics, Point-of-Sale systems, logistics and energy management.

Successful operators are able to have a significant impact in the local community by raising awareness about sustainability and the benefits of solar energy.


Enabling and empowering people is most effective through autonomous energy solutions that foster local know-how, as opposed to forming dependencies and knowledge monopolies.

03_impact_female entrepreneurship

»Working for Solarkiosk has helped me support my family and learn about budgeting and business management.«

Turmi Tatenda, Solarkiosk operator in Segwagwe, Botswana

»I have been passing new skills and knowledge to the community about solar products. It has made solar energy successful in rural areas.«

Jacob Kasoe, Solarkiosk operator in Sekenani, Kenya

»I am proud of my business. SOLARKIOSK is very important in my community for producing light in darkness and reducing air pollution«

Masresha Woldegebrel, Solarkiosk operator in Omorate, Ethiopia

»SOLARKIOSK has helped me a lot; one year down the line I was given a name by my community: “Mweshimiwa”« (‘the respected one’ in Swahili)

Joel Kanunga, Solarkiosk operator in Entasopia, Kenya

»SOLARKIOSK has helped me improve my business skills and gain more knowledge on solar products. It has enabled me to plan ahead. «

Teketi Simel Solarkiosk operator in Kiserian, Kenya



Many BoP communities are located in regions that receive abundant sunshine. In spite of that, most BoP households depend on dirty and unsustainable fuels to meet their energy needs, such as firewood, charcoal, kerosene, and diesel. Such fuels have adverse effects on the environment and the local economy due to continuous and rising expenditures.


SOLARKIOSK provides affordable and sustainable alternatives, which will significantly redefine the energy market in remote regions and, as a result, reverse the negative impact on the local environment and steer the community to ascend on a new and sustainable development ladder.


Social Development



Access to reliable energy is the key to enabling economic and social development of BoP communities. Providing a local platform for awareness raising and active participation in decision-making processes is an investment in social change and human development at the Base-of-the-Pyramid. The social impact of SOLARKIOSK includes:

•  Average population of SOLARKIOSK community: 25,000
•  Average number of households per community: 1,500
•  Jobs created per each SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB: 4
•  Target % of female kiosk employees: 50%
•  Solar products sold over one kiosk lifetime: 3,770
•  Access to internet & WiFi
•  Access to digital educational content
•  Access to solar-powered water purification systems
•  Access to warranty services for all products sold
•  Cooling and storage of medication

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