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SOLARKIOSK performs market demand study in Rwanda

SOLARKIOSK is driven by satisfying the needs of our customers. This is why a market demand study based on the human-centered design approach is currently being carried out, with the first round just finalized last week in Rwanda. Human-centered design

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SOLARKIOSK organises operator training sessions in Kenya

An important objective for SOLARKIOSK is to ensure that all E-HUBB operators are educated about solar products, as well as sales and marketing strategies. We are continuously working on tools and materials to support them and enable successful E-HUBB operations.

Pastoralist communities

SOLARKIOSK helps improve livelihood in pastoral communities

What if one solar product was your indoor lighting, security lighting to fend off wild animals and thus protecting your livestock livelihood, allowing your children to read, helping you fetch water and contributing to so many other aspects of your

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SOLARKIOSK’s E-HUBB Provides Energy to Local Entrepreneurs

SOLARKIOSK’s Connected Solar Market Center (CSMC) is one of the most powerful off-grid concepts currently being developed. Each CSMC hosts multiple independent businesses accessing energy from the central E-HUBB, while enjoying space, infrastructure and support ‚Äì all provided by SOLARKIOSK.

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SOLARKIOSK Kenya featured on a national “Young Entrepreneur program

SOLARKIOSK’s innovative business model was recently covered in the Young Entrepreneur broadcast on the national Kenyan TV channel, Biashara TV. The station aired the new episode reporting SOLARKIOSK’s impact in rural communities on the 14th of June. Managing Director, William

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SOLARKIOSK is featured at the European Development Days

SOLARKIOSK took part at the European Development Days held in Brussels, Belgium on the 7th and 8th June. The event, organized by the European Commission, brings development actors together to share ideas and experiences, inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions

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SOLARKIOSK to play an integral role at GOGLA Member Conference

SOLARKIOSK’s CEO Andreas Spiess and Sales and Marketing Director Thomas Rieger are currently attending the GOGLA Annual Member Conference held in Paris, France. The Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) is an independent, not-for-profit industry association, representing eighty-five stakeholders from the