Story of the day: Operator Training Rwanda

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Operator Training in Kigali (Rwanda) from the 4th-5th Sept


We are happy to congratulate the newest edition of Operators that joined the SK team in Rwanda. After a seemingly short time of education we now have small group of motivated and young new Operators ready and excited to engage in this field of profession. From installation of Solar products to the proper maintenance of the SOLARKIOSK istelf, every step in understading the responsibilites as a Operator is crucial for the proficiency we maintain and generally advocate… The importance of this position cannot be stressed enough. The Operator runs the Kiosk in every way physically possible and by doing so creates the intended impact. A good Operator makes the Kiosk flourish contrary to a bad Operator. Sure, we enable the opportunity but at the end of the day, the Individual standing in the Kiosk decides if she or he is willing to truly operate this business or not.


So the winds of change have brought about a new tide, flooding the shore with new Life.
With this Life spawns the vision tearing asunder the ignorance and prejudice built over time sustaining the illusion of separation we suffer from as humans.

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Made in Ghana E-HUBB

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Partnership with DEG and local manufacturers in Ghana enables an innovative ‘off-grid’ power and connectivity solution for rural population


BERLIN/ACCRA, 8 SEPTEMBER 2016 –  SOLARKIOSK AG PRODUCES THE FIRST “MADE IN GHANA E-HUBB”  – SOLARKIOSK AG, the energy and connectivity gateway and last mile distribution to Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities worldwide, announced today the inauguration of its first locally manufactured E-HUBB in Accra, Ghana, in the historical district of Jamestown.


This E-HUBB prototype aims to promote and support an award winning design-technology “Made in Ghana”. The project is co-funded by the German DFI Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG) and includes a nationwide survey of locally available production facilities, engineering, project and quality management. The project was coordinated and realized by Solarkiosk Ghana Ltd. which is an affiliate of SOLARKIOSK AG.

The purpose of the project is to reduce C02 emissions and deforestation as well as to empower people through the access to clean energy. The E-HUBB produces 2 kWp of electricity and serves as an outlet for renewable energy products, services and solutions. The E-HUBB offers – amongst others – quality affordable solar products, appliances run by solar energy and efficient cooking stoves. Not only does the local manufacturing create job opportunities on site, the access to energy through the E-HUBB also supports new business fields such as banking, telecommunication and retail in underserved remote off-grid areas and communities.

The E-HUBB primarily targets rural off-grid areas. Considering the growing need for energy in private households and use of mobile phones and internet, the SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB technology makes a significant difference to the quality of life for rural population.

Andreas Spiess, CEO of SOLARKIOSK, said, “SOLARKIOSK – together with its  partners – operates more than a hundred projects across Subsaharan Africa. We have designed our award winning technology to be manufactured locally because this brings costs down and local productivity up. We are particularly proud that our first E-HUBB made in West Africa was manufactured in Ghana which has the potential to become our West African manufacturing hub. Our E-HUBB solution offers access to solar energy, connectivity, telecom tower electrification, rural agent banking and supply of quality beverages and daily consumer goods. Our aim is to further export E-HUBBs to Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso and Senegal”.


For further information please contact:


Andreas Spiess, CEO
Tel. No. +49 30 284 72 45 60



SOLARKIOSK enables and empowers the sustainable economic, social, and environmental development of Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities worldwide through the provision of clean energy services, quality products and sustainable solutions. Intertwining the award-winning SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB technology with an inclusive business model, SOLARKIOSK fosters local entrepreneurship at the BoP.


The award winning technology and building solution E-HUBB was designed by the internationally renowned GRAFT architects who co-founded the company SOLARKIOSK AG together with CEO Andreas Spiess. It is a modular, robust, secure, multi-functional and lightweight unit that is expandable and easily transportable even to remote areas. The E-HUBB is tailored for the 1.5 billion people worldwide who don´t have reliable access to energy, including 60 million refugees and IDPs. By the end of 2016, more than 200 E-HUBBs will be operating in three continents.


SOLARKIOSK AG is based in Berlin, Germany. The company has established six affiliate companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and has implemented projects on three continents.


Solarkiosk Website:

Contact Email:





About DEG
For more information about DEG: visit:

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Story of the day: The children

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This Story is dedicated to the children, benefitting directly from SOLARKIOSK whilst inspiring us to continue our effort consistently and consecutively. The phenomena that each of our projects is ubiquitously celebrated by children across rural Africa is a true blessing.


The fascination always surfaces in the eyes of the kids as they gaze upon the site clearly delighted by the atmosphere emitted by SOLARKIOSK. This correlation is a refreshing breeze for our team whenever engaged by their little brothers and sisters.

The lack of resources doesn’t seem to bother the children´s ever abundant creativity, as depicted below; a constellation of literal trash weaved into a fabrication resembling a unique and artistic version of a bobby cart. Nimble novelty occurring in places yet to be globalised, the evolutionary trademark of nature.


Depicted here (by children) is the connected solar grid area near the refugee camp in Jordan which SOLARKIOSK enabled electricity and internet for the school. The estimated 1000 children here enjoy a clean, anxiety free, and energy sufficient School life and we are happy to provide it along with our partners. These Kid’s are actual refugees who lost their homes and some even their families which makes the school and people they are with detrimental for their remaining childhood. This is the definition of impact.


Very well connected with nature as one can see, children tend to scope the lands from their advantage point, protected from the eyes of adults in the heights of the tree while enjoying the panoramic view. Being accepted and loved by the children is a great reassurance for our work directive and personal initiative; a true blessing.



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Hubertus Dornieden has joined SOLARKIOSK as Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Hubertus has a remarkable track record: after gaining valuable experience at HSBC, KPMG and the German Privatization Agency (Treuhandanstalt) he worked as CFO and CEO for various German medium size high-tec companies such as LINOS, Qioptiq and Kappa Optronics. SOLARKIOSK is happy to welcome Hubertus to the team and looks forward to growing together.

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Solarkiosk Inauguration Event in Buhabwa, Rwanda, on the 2nd of June 2016

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It was a festive Solarkiosk inauguration in Buhabwa, Rwanda, on the 2nd of June 2016 where many visitors from the community came to the Solarkiosk location. Buhabwa, with its 5,442 adult inhabitants within a radius of 5 kilometers, features a sizable daily turn-out of people coming from neighboring villages, all coming to source FMCG’s and energy services, as Buhabwa is surrounded by off grid and livestock dominated farmers who predominantly access subsistence food from retail shops. This presence bears a huge potential for Solarkiosk offerings.

2016-06-02-BuhabwaBuhabwa itself has only limited grid, with over 25 retail shops that buy their goods from a city in 18 km distance. It has a thriving agriculture sector and is frequently visited by Kigali traders. Buhabwa has a strong demand for Solarkiosk offerings, in particular financial services, quality FMCGs and reverse supply chains with the Kigali Traders. Judith Girimpundu, the regional Solarkiosk Sales and Marketing officer, presented the agenda of the Solarkiosk inauguration day. The festivities began at 3 p.m. and lasted to 9 p.m. A huge number of Buhabwa residents came to celebrate this event, including even the Police Chief Inspector of Buhabwa District.


FMCG´s and different services were showcased and throughout the event the awareness for the advantage of using solar products offered by Solarkiosk was raised. The visitors were really curious about the displayed solar products, FMCG´s and services such as photocopying, photo shooting, charging and printing. Notably, the photo shooting was enjoyed most of all! The residents were also much excited at the inauguration event about the different cultural dancers including, Kinyarwanda dance, Uganda and Western dance, which was a part of the event. The Sector Executive Secretary gave a warm welcome to all visitors. On the background that the area has a power grid which in parts include generators that are expensive and partly use kerosene which is harmful, he encouraged his people to support Solarkiosk through buying and using solar products. The Regional Manager thanked the residents for turning up in a big number. He highlighted the importance of the solar products to the community in the area. He explained to them that the low costs and effectiveness of solar products is a perfect way of saving money and transforming and improving their livelihood socially and economically. When asking the people in Buhabwa about the impact of Solarkiosk in their daily life some weeks after the inauguration, they confirmed: “Solarkiosk next to our door has helped us save on time and transport cost to access energy services as compared to before. We can access all essential products in one location. We can always access cold drinks anytime as opposed to before and kerosene smoke is no more a health challenge now when we are using a quality solar lamp in our home”.
One man from the village continued: “We are really satisfied in general, but on my side I really appreciate the contribution of Solarkiosk in my daily life because I can get different Solarkiosk products easily yet I used to get them far from my house and at extra cost”.
As a final remark he says: “Solarkiosk creates other business solutions around the kiosk which we think is an opportunity to the local community to engage themselves into micro-income generating activities. I can tell everyone that Solarkiosk has brought the development to our district”.

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Solarkiosk inauguration in Karambi, Rwanda

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Solarkiosk E-HUBB inauguration on the 23rd of May 2016 in Karambi.


2016-05-23-KarambiThe successful Solarkiosk E-HUBB launching event in Karambi. The Solarkiosk E-HUBB was attended by a large group of very interested and curious participants from the community. The activities began at 2 p.m. and during the next seven hours the participants could learn about the Solarkiosk approach and closely experience how the community will be able to benefit from the clean energy access of Solarkiosk. All levels were represented at this joyful inauguration event. The Cell Executive secretary encouraged his people in a speech to support Solarkiosk, buy and own a solar product and offset kerosene lamps that are expensive and harmful. The Solarkiosk Region Manager thanked all attendants for coming, displayed Solarkiosk offerings and explained details of the Solarkiosk business model. Furthermore, he asked the community to support Solarkiosk as its has come to stay and work together with the community in order to improve their lives socially and economically.

When asking the population some weeks later in Karambi what their impression about the Solarkiosk products were, many people simply answered: “We are very excited about Solarkiosk. Solarkiosk is a unique partner for us! We can now access energy services anytime. Energy supply is steady and it’s aggregated offering has enabled us save on time and cost since we can access all basic goods, information, financial services, energy Services including printing , photo copying, photo shooting and solar products on one location and one time.” As an answer to the question how Solarkiosk has changed their daily life one of the village families said: “In general Solarkiosk has been able to rapidly transform lives of local people both socially and commercially. We bought Sunking Pro 2 and we can now charge the mobile phone from my house and have light. This has enabled us to enjoy clean and safe light and save bi-weekly phone charging costs. The lease facility of Solarkiosk has also enabled us to further to own a Solar Home System in addition to the solar lamp. My house is now full of light at night. We will pay overtime and after six months ownership it will be fully transferred to us and our family . We don’t have one-time capacity to buy Home Systems and therefore we very much appreciate Solarkiosk for enabling us this through their great lease facility.”

” There are so many ways that Solarkiosk now contributes to our future growth in the was as providing light at home to enable my kids to study at night and excel. We now also have access to news and information. My family will frequently visit the Solarkiosk to access TV, get informed and make social and business decisions based on the access to information that we have from Solarkiosk. Another great advantage is the quality of living standards. The introduction of Quality Solar Products into my house completely offset kerosene lamps whose smoke is harmful to our healthy living. I am waiting to continue testing and enjoying the products from Solarkiosk!”

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CTO Lars Krückeberg resigns from his management position

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Lars Krückeberg, co-founder and CTO of Solarkiosk is to resigns from his management position with Solarkiosk on 1 July 2016.

Following successful years of establishing the business and his valuable contributions to the expansion of Solarkiosk Lars Krückeberg will take on a position as member of the Supervisory Board of Solarkiosk. Lars Krückeberg will maintain his close ties to the company as a strategic advisor and representative.

Management and employees of Solarkiosk are grateful for Lars Krückeberg’s outstanding and prudent leadership and are looking forward to a continued fruitful exchange of views and Lars Krückeberg’s unchanged support of the company in his new position.

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ARE’s new job platform

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Solarkiosk is proud to be a co-initiator and sponsor of ARE’s new job platform. The dynamic energy sector is in need of a solution that can bring together specialists and companies that can spur electrification both off-grid and rural. For this reason, this dedicated job platform is of relevance for this sector and offers a dedicated space in which companies and applicants can meet.

For people searching for a challenging job in this exciting sector please visit the ARE job platform:

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