Bloomberg New Energy Award 2016

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WinnerWe are honoured to announce that SOLARKIOSK was awarded as “Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer 2016” at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance summit in New York. The jury awarded “game-changing innovators that are revolutionizing the energy sector”. Michael Wilshire, selection committee chair and head of analysis and transformation at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said: “This year, we were impressed by the very strong set of candidates we received for the New Energy Pioneers program (…). We were delighted to see the breadth of innovation that is happening in the industry and struck by the impact that those organizations could have on the energy system of the future.” SOLARKIOSK takes this prestigious award as a great encouragement to continue its mission: enabling and empowering the Base of the Pyramid as the energy gateway and last mile distribution hub for renewable energy products, services and solutions.


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SOLARKIOSK proudly received the Bloomberg New Energy Award 2016

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WinnerIt is a great honor to announce that SOLARKIOSK proudly received the Bloomberg New Energy Award 2016 at the Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award 2016 Summit on the 4th of April in New York.
The unique innovative design of SOLARKIOSK and its empowerment of people in off-grid villages in Africa and Asia has been greatly rewarded by a global community.
SOLARKIOSK take the Bloomberg New Energy Award 2016, together with all previously received Awards, as an inducement to further expand the access to clean energy in rural remote off-grid villages in Africa and Asia.

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SOLARKIOSK wins the Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award 2016

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SOLARKIOSK wins the Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award 2016. Bloomberg New Energy Finance has announced that SOLARKIOSK is one of ten companies selected as 2016 New Energy Pioneer. Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Prize recognizes game-changing innovators revolutionizing the energy sector. SOLARKIOSK was recognized at stage at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance 2016 Future of Energy Summit on 4th of April in New York.


Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award 2016


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SOLARKIOSK and the EKOCENTER project make social impact easy and accessible…

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SOLARKIOSK and the EKOCENTER project are thrilled to make our social impact easy and accessible, no matter the distance.

Lets take a look at Dom a small Ethiopian community wedged between rolling hills and a marvelous landscape. The small village sits 180km Southwest of Addis Ababa and has approximately 5000 inhabitants and includes a primary school for 1180 children.

Unfortunately, many of children face a simple but real problem – access to a pen or pencil. To meet this challenge SOLARKIOSK setup small pen stations throughout Addis Ababa with a sticker: “Donate-A-Pen” Enable. Empower. Ethiopia

After a few days, 300 pens were donated and we decided to surprise the local school children by dropping them off. The show of support was immediate and the children were elated!

SOLARKIOSK understands that this is a useful step in creating impact at the base-of-the pyramid but this is only the start. In the future, SOLARKIOSK aims to provide lighting to the school and offer laptops that can be charged.

IMG_2436 1
IMG_2474 1
IMG_2497 1
IMG_2457 1


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Total Kenya Limited has partnered with Solar Kiosk Kenya Limited, (a subsidiary of the Berlin-based SOLARKIOSK AG) for the establishment of solar-powered kiosks in remote areas with unreliable power supply.


Total Kenya and Solar Kiosk Kenya share an ambition to provide off-grid and limited connectivity communities with solar-powered products and services. This ambition forms the basis of the mutual partnership in Kenya.


To maximize the impact of this initiative, Total Kenya and Solar Kiosk Kenya commenced the partnership with a pilot project in 2015. The pilot project involved the implementation of two solar-powered energy and connectivity hubs called the SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB. The E-HUBB- designed by GRAFT (partners and co-founders of SOLARKIOSK AG) is a modular solar-powered structure that can be easily implemented in remote communities.


The E-HUBB outlet empowers local entrepreneurship and the sustainable development of Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities by providing vital energy services, solar products and connectivity solutions. The pilot project commenced with the launch of two Solarkiosk E-HUBBs in Kithimani (Machakos County) and Kaguku (Muranga County). By the end of 2015, SOLARKIOSK had implemented over 100 E-HUBBs in three continents.

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2015-16 SOLARKIOSK Holiday Season Newsletter

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Dear Friends of SOLARKIOSK,


On behalf of the entire SOLARKIOSK team, we would like to wish you a lot of health, laughter, and joy this Holiday Season and a wonderful start in the New Year 2016.

As a small token of appreciation, we would like to share with you the 2015-16 Solarkiosk Holiday Season Newsletter, which includes some amazing photos and stories about our initiatives in various countries. 2015 has been a great year for SOLARKIOSK and we have so much to look forward to in 2016!



Thank you for your continuous support!!




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Environemental Awareness Campaign with SOLARKIOSK Kenya

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The SOLARKIOSK Kenya team collaborated with the local Young Environmental Network (YEN) organization on an environmental awareness event with student participants from 200 primary and secondary schools within Machakos county, east of Nairobi.


Kenya school kids

kenya tree planting


The event included a tree-planting activity and a student march (pictured above) as encouragement for locals to embrace clean energy alternatives and reduce their dependence on charcoal, which is adversely affecting the local environment and the health of individuals.


A lot of credit goes to the local authorities of Machakos County who provided valuable assistance with the event’s organization, as well as to the local educators from the area for their dedication to improve their communities. A big shout-out to our SOLARKIOSK Kenya team for taking the lead and proactively seeking to create maximum positive impact in Kenya!! Keep up the good work!

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SOLARKIOSK and SES Techcom Services sign agreement to bring Internet to underserved communities worldwide

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New partnership will focus on providing Internet access to thousands of users via the SOLARKIOSK E-HUBBs anytime, anywhere


BERLIN/LUXEMBOURG, December 15, 2015 — SOLARKIOSK AG, the energy and business gateway to underserved communities worldwide, and SES Techcom Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of world-leading satellite operator SES, announced today that they have entered a new partnership to deliver high-quality connectivity to communities worldwide.


Under the agreement, SOLARKIOSK will be able to use satellite connectivity to provide Internet access to underserved areas, initially in Africa. This will be done via SOLARKISOK’s E-HUBB structures, designed by the Berlin-based architecture firm Graft, which use solar technology to provide electricity to all systems, including the satellite dish, in order to enable a wide range of connectivity services to the local community.


The partnership between SES Techcom Services and SOLARKIOSK is the first major step to deliver off-grid, connected solar infrastructure solutions for communities worldwide, targeting individual users, businesses, schools, medical centres and farms. It enables SES and SOLARKIOSK to provide fast Internet access in regions that are sorely missing reliable connectivity options. “In remote and isolated communities, basic services like education and healthcare can be hindered by what we call the Digital Divide”said Gerhard Bethscheider, Managing Director of SES Techcom Services. “Our partnership with SOLARKIOSK aims to overcome those limitations by providing high-quality connectivity services. SOLARKIOSK has a wide network of E-HUBB structures and we are proud to play such a vital role in the future success of the programme.”


SOLARKIOSK CEO Andreas Spiess added: “Enabling reliable energy access in underserved regions is our core mission at SOLARKIOSK. Energy access is conditional to connectivity. All SOLARKIOSK E-HUBBs are powered by solar energy and are therefore able to bring satellite TV, Internet access and modern communication tools to our customers and partners in the respective communities were we currently operate. Through our partnership with SES, we can create a significant and positive impact on Base of the Pyramid communities in Africa and around the world.”



For further information please contact:
Tel: +49 (0)30 2847 245 60


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SOLARKIOSK enables and empowers the sustainable economic, social, and environmental development of Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities worldwide through the provision of clean energy services, quality products and sustainable solutions. Intertwining the award-winning SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB technology with an inclusive business model, SOLARKIOSK fosters local entrepreneurship at the BoP.


The E-HUBB was designed by the internationally renowned GRAFT architects who co-founded the company SOLARKIOSK AG together with CEO Andreas Spiess. It is a modular, robust, secure and lightweight unit that is expandable and easily transportable even to remote areas. The E-HUBB is tailored for the 1.5 billion people worldwide who don´t have reliable access to energy, including 60 million refugees and IDPs. By the end of 2015, more than 100 E-HUBBs are operating in 10 countries.


SOLARKIOSK AG is based in Berlin, Germany. The company has established six affiliate companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and has implemented projects on three continents.


About SES
SES (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) is the world-leading satellite operator with a fleet of more than 50 geostationary satellites. The company provides satellite communications services to broadcasters, content and internet service providers, mobile and fixed network operators and business and governmental organisations worldwide. SES stands for long-lasting business relationships, high-quality service and excellence in the satellite industry. The culturally diverse regional teams of SES are located around the globe and work closely with customers to meet their specific satellite bandwidth and service requirements. SES holds a participation in O3b Networks, a next generation satellite network combining the reach of satellite with the speed of fibre. Further information under:


About SES Techcom Services:

SES Techcom Services is a 100% owned affiliate of SES, the world-leading satellite operator with a fleet of over 50 geostationary satellites, providing integrated end-to-end satellite solutions and operational services tailored to customers’ needs worldwide. Services offered by SES Techcom Services, which is ISO 9001 certified, include the design and delivery of ground infrastructure and operational services, VSAT networks, broadband connectivity and turnkey teleport solutions. It also develops innovative solutions for e-government, e-health and e-education, as well as applications for worldwide emergency satellite communications. Further information under

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New Solarkiosk E-HUBBs in the Awassa Region of Ethiopia

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20151102011312  20151102011416

Solarkiosk E-HUBB in Mero Qebado, Ethiopia…off grid, yet connected.


The Ethiopian Solarkiosk team has recently inaugurated two brand-new E-HUBB kiosks in the Awassa region in southern Ethiopia. The inaugurations took place in the villages of Belela and Mero Qebado, where the vast majority of the local population has no access to the electricity grid. Despite the lack of energy connectivity in the region, access to solar alternatives is nonexistent — a fact that is about to change because the area will host three additional E-HUBB kiosks that will be implemented later this year in other villages. We are very proud that all Ethiopian E-HUBBs were manufactured locally in Addis Abeba — a testament to our continuous commitment to explore local manufacturing options and help support local expertise.


These E-HUBBs are part of the ‘EKOCENTER powered by SOLARKIOSK’ project, which is a partnership in several countries with our good friends at The Coca Cola Company. The EKOCENTER-branded kiosks will aim to achieve the same mission and impact goals that are mutually shared by SOLARKIOSK AG and The Coca Cola Company.



Awassa area officer, Olana Demisie (left) with the two female kiosk operators Zinash & Etabeza and Managing Director Samson Bekele


Solarkiosk CEO Andreas Spiess in action at the Belela E-HUBB, the first local provider of solar products


The E-HUBB operators Zinash and Etabeza are local women who recently participated in the extensive operator training at our subsidiary’s head office in Addis Abeba.  They are being actively supported by the Awassa Area Officer Olana Demisie, who oversees business performance and provides assistance on busy market days with promotional activities and direct customer support.


Solarkiosk Ethiopia country managers Roger Sobotker and Samson Bekele visited the villages together with Solarkiosk AG CEO Andreas Spiess and came away very impressed both by the natural beauty of the area and its people, as well as the business potential for solar products and energy services. The local community has provided amazing support before and during the implementation and we will be working hard with local leaders to raise awareness about the various benefits of solar energy.


20151102011329  20151102011545

E-HUBBs in Mero Qebado (left) and Belela (right) – Awassa region, Ethiopia


Big kudos go out to our Ethiopian team, particularly to the Business Development team (Victoria & Hanibal) who spend countless hours in the field conducting crucial market research and seeking out communities where future Solarkiosk implementations will result in the highest positive impact.

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