Our solar system “power core” makes it easy to get started with your own solar system. This state of the art system can combine power generated by a solar system and other sources of AC power (such as grid power or generator power). It connects the system to a battery bank and the inbuilt Battery Management system protects the batteries for a maximum lifetime. The inverter can power a range of AC devices and is ideal for those type of clients that want to bring their existing business or private infrastructure off the grid, get rid of their diesel generators or simply don’t want to pay their electricity bills any more.

Product features:

  • Our “Power Core” is a pure Sine wave inverter with a built-in MPPT solar charge controller for maximum convenience, performance and protection of the system
  • The inverter combines AC and DC type of energy sources conveniently
  • You can select the input voltage range for best use of home appliances and personal computers
  • The LCD screen in the inverter lets you easily configure AC and / or solar input priority
  • The battery management system has an inbuilt battery equalization for optimized battery performance and extended lifecycle
  • Starting from Power Core 2.4 upward, you can combine up to 9 units for bigger systems

Specifications of some of our inverters

 PC 1.0PC 2.0PC 3.0PC 5.0
Rate power (wP)1000200030005000
Maximum PV array5006006004000
MPPT range L Operating Voltage, minimum (VDC)15303060
MPPT range L Operating Voltage806666115
Maximum Solar Charge Current (A)40252580
Maximum AC Charge current (A)20303060
Parallel capacitynonono9 units
Output voltage VAC230 VAC
Surge power (VA)20004000600010000
Battery voltage122424 
Schematics inverter
german quality standards

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