One Solution – Various Purposes


The SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB is designed to adapt to and evolve along with the energy demands of its community. Every E-HUBB enables further business innovation by the local operator, such as a movie theatre, hair and beauty salon, restaurant, motor vehicle workshop, among others.


At night, the E-HUBB is powered by the energy stored in its battery pack, ensuring continuous operation. The E-HUBB unit becomes the social and economic center of a community.


The SOLARKIOSK vision aims to reach further: An expanded E-HUBB unit can provide and manage the power supply to commercial anchor clients, refugee camps, health stations, schools, and other purposes.



The SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB was designed by the renowned GRAFT architects in Berlin, Germany. With their global experience, GRAFT have gone beyond classical architecture to create a modular, robust, secure, expandable, light-weight and beautiful kit-of-parts unit that is easily transportable even to remote off-the-grid areas.


The SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB integrates major appliances into its interior design and uses its structural layout to provide natural ventilation for comfortable interior temperatures.





The basic SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB unit can integrate 1-4 kWp of photovoltaic capacity into a modular kit-of-parts design that is easy to assemble even on challenging terrain. Its battery pack allows for 24/7 operation and serves as a power back-up at nighttime and during periods of unfavorable weather conditions.

The pre-fabricated kiosk frame and wall panels were designed to allow for local manufacturing worldwide and can integrate a variety of materials in its construction, such as steel, aluminum, and brick, among others.

Versatility: Canopy Expansion


The SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB technology and structure are designed to evolve along with the demands of its community. Through the specially designed SOLARKIOSK canopy moduke, the E-HUBB can grow into a Connected Solar Market Center and generate additional energy to eventually become the nucleus of a local decentralized mini-grid network.

The SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB is designed to meet various community and business needs, such as powering a health clinic, school, police station, telecom tower, internet service provider, administration office, among many others. The SOLARKIOSK canopy module enables an efficient and affordable increase of energy generation and interior space.

04_products_caopy expansion




Each SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB is able to collect a variety of essential data, ranging from financial performance and energy usage, to various environmental and weather indicators. Collected data is continuously analyzed in order to maximize the performance of each E-HUBB. SOLARKIOSK is pioneering valuable data mining at the untapped Bottom-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) market.

»Good design is not a first world privilege.«

Lars Krückeberg, Shareholder & Co-Founder



The power generated by each SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB can be optimized for maximum efficiency. Smart metering helps determine how much power certain components use at what time of day and how they can be intertwined in the most efficient way. This information helps assess the best commercial utilization of all components and appliances in the E-HUBB and ensures reliable power provision, immediate bug fixing and technical support.

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