E-HUBB based, solar powered COVID-19 vaccination and test center in Indonesia

The Solar Powered COVID 19 vaccination and test center, in partnership with Swiss Re Foundation, KOPETINDO (Indonesian Renewable Energy Cooperative), as well as the support of our partners and suppliers such as Siemens-Healthineers and BOS AG, we have implemented two of these centers in the Indonesia province of Lampung.

Thanks to our solar power integrated infrastructure solution, the E-HUBB, we power a range of devices, including a WHO certified vaccination fridge, mandatory for the proper storage of the COVID 19 vaccine, which is administered in the centers.

Each center can now administer the COVID 19 vaccine to 100 patients per day and offer other healthcare related services to the community.

E-HUBB enabling healthcare in off-grid settings in Jordan

copyright@Solarkiosk – solar powered healthcare for quality medical services in frontier markets

The Connected Solar Clinic implemented in Mafraq Governorate in Jordan, in partnership with Siemens Stiftung and Siemens Healthcare partners, is operated by the Jordanian Ministry of Health and consists of an 8 kWp structure. It powers a range of devices:

  • temperature control (via heating and air conditioning devices)
  • haematology lab
  • ultrasound device
  • urine analysis device
  • refrigerator for vaccines
  • internal and external lights
  • an alarm system
  • router for Wifi connectivity
  • computer connected to an e-health platform

siemens stiftung
Ministry of health jordan
solar powered clinic infographic
Siemens Stiftung

Rolf Huber - DesignerManaging Director, Siemens Stiftung

In SOLARKIOSK, we not only found an experienced partner to bring the award-winning E-HUBB design to the MENA region, but someone who shares our values of enhancing healthcare and empowering people. We are excited to see the impact evolving from high quality medical diagnostics and treatment equipment powered exclusively by solar energy!

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Solar powered healthcare solution in the world's biggest refugee camp in Bangladesh

copyright@Solarkiosk – solar powered healthcare center enabling quality medical services in the world’s biggest refugee camp

Empowering refugee communities in Bangladesh with solar-powered healthcare solutions. Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world, prevented a human catastrophe in a remarkable endeavor. In just a few months, the Bangladesh government, together with many donor organizations, built new camps for approximately 800,000 refugees. This was supported by the international community of donors and NGOs, amongst them HOPE International, a medical organization based in Bangladesh. HOPE has built a huge compound to treat pregnant and traumatized women in the Camp of Cox Bazaar. As SOLARKIOSKĀ“s modular, kit-of-part, multi-functional E-HUBB technology design can be implemented and operated in very remote and challenging areas. The connected clinic product was an ideal solution to support this compound with our solar-powered E-HUBB technology. Together with our project partners, Hope Foundation and 8minutesenergy, we implemented 5 mini clinics, each with 2kwP, equipped with:

  • Air-condition devices
  • Fridges for medicine and vaccination
  • ECG and other testing devices
  • Treatment and delivery rooms
hope foundation bangladesh
8 minutes energy
hope foundation

Dr. Iftikher Mahmood -President and founder of HOPE Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh Inc

it came as a gift from heaven that 8minutesenergy / Abundant Future Foundation and SOLARKIOSK got together to help alleviate this dire situation with the donation and implementation of 5 solar-powered mini clinics based on SOLARKIOSKā€™s E-HUBB technology to serve pregnant and traumatized women. I was not aware of this technology before and it was amazing for me to see the E-HUBBs being implemented in only three days and we were good to go and start treating patients. This solar power integrated infrastructure solution indeed is the ideal solution for the fast-growing needs in a refugee camp or to help bring relief in a disaster relief type of situation where quick and easy to implement solutions are demanded.

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