E-HUBB - enabling retail empowerment in rural communities, powering over 200 businesses

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Rural bottom of the pyramid (BoP) communities become more and more attractive for businesses and are becoming part of their growth strategy. They are the last undeveloped markets in this world offering huge potential for growth of business in these emerging nations. The attractiveness in these markets comes from the fact that:

  • there is literally no competition yet
  • premium space is readily available
  • real estate is quite cheap
  • OPEX are lower than in urban environments

The BoP markets worldwide constitute of 4 billion underserved customers with a whooping 5 trillion USD spending power per year.

BUT due to lack of infrastructure, business cannot set up in the last mile. Often there is no electricity from the grid and in order to set up shop in these locations, businesses have to invest in diesel generators. If there is grid, it is most of the time very unstable and frequent brown outs make it difficult to run operations without interruptions.

The E-HUBB is the ideal infrastructure solution for businesses in order to be able and develop their growth strategy in the last emerging markets of this world. Businesses are able to set up operations in a matter of days, get their systems connected and run their operations without interruptions due to blackouts. SOLARKIOSK has empowered over 200 retail shops, F&B shops, health facilities, schools and other types of businesses across Africa and Asia.

The following video is an example of one of our over 200 rural, last-mile, off-grid E-HUBB operators. This video is a part of the European Union’s “She is We” Campaign with a video highlighting the story of the kiosk operator in a small, rural village called “Maparasha” in Kenya. The video highlights the ways in which the kiosk has impacted the life its operator, Cecilia Lamei. Her voice from the field is a positive story of transformation told from a women’s perspective.

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Masresha Woldegebrel​ Solarkiosk operator in Omorate, Ethiopia

Solarkiosk has brought big changes to my life. It allows me to do sustainable business all year round, while being close to my family and supporting them. In the future, I plan to take Solarkiosk F.C. to district and regional football competitions.