E-HUBB enabling reatil empowerment in urban communities

Businesses in urban environments are facing challenges. The E-HUBB provides the right solution for them


Stifling competition in urban environments makes it difficult to find suitable locations for business to grow on a sustainable level due to increasing real estate prices and taxes, high electricity and fuel costs salary costs. The last attractive growth potentials in urban environments are high-traffic locations such as market places, parking lots, bus stations, lakeside, park, beaches, etc.

However, these places seldom have the right infrastructure to set up a business. Often it is not allowed to build brick and mortar structures and connect them to the grid and to the internet.

With the E-HUBB, it is fast and easy to develop those last high potential areas in urban environments: no building permits are required, the electricity necessary for the operations is inbuilt and the E-HUBB can connect to the internet without any problems.

This way, SOLARKIOSK empowers retail-, F&B-, and any other type of businesses with their growth strategies in urban environments.