Solar powered medical Ventilators / breathing aid

Solar powered medical ventilators / breathing aids

Solarkiosk, in partnership with Löwenstein medical and BOS AG, is proud to launch its newest product, the solar powered Ventilator. A ventilator is used to support the breathing process of patients, in particular in the event of COVID-19 patients with acute lung failure. Ventilation gives the patient time to fight off the infection and recover.

By the integration of solar power systems with the state of the art ventilation equipment, Solarkiosk, Löwenstein medical and BOS AG have launched a first of its kind, made in Germany product, that can help treating patients with respiratory diseases anywhere in the world, even in semi-urban and rural areas of developing nations, where today still more then 700 million people live, which would not have the chance for treatment otherwise.

The solar powered prisma VENT50 plus, VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic are 100 % mobile and reliable solutions in IV and NIV, made by one of Germany’s leading medical technology companies, Löwenstein.

The product is yet another project that Solarkiosk has designed in order to help developing nations in their fight with the current COVID 19 pandemic, another such product is our

prisma VENT50 plus

vent 50
  • The product offers you a high degree of reliability and versatility every day at all times.
  • Their practice oriented monitoring and mobility concepts are supplemented by unique ventilation functions and it comes with it’s own power system.
  • In addition VENTIlogic LS offers a double patient circuit system with patient valve and volume-controlled ventilation modes (VCV, aVCV).
  • Single patient circuit with patient valve
  • Double patient circuit with patient valve (only VENTIlogic LS)
Areas of use:
  • For treatment of adults and children starting with 50 ml tidal volume and 5 kg body weight
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
  • In hospital and at home, on-grid, on weak-grid or off-grid
  • Stationary and mobil

VENTIlogic LS & VENTIlogic

ventlogic prisma VENT50 – for high-level ventilation therapy: As a follow-up to the successful launch of prisma VENT30 and prisma VENT40 in 2016, our partner has been rounding off this new ventilation line for non-invasive and invasive ventilation with the prisma VENT50. The prisma VENT50 can be used to ventilate with the leakage system and also with the single circuit with patient valve. Other features include pressure and volume-controlled mouthpiece ventilation modes (MPVp und MPVv), LIAM (Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver) for cough support and secretion management and a wide pressure range of up to 50 hPa. Equipped with so many extras, the prisma VENT50 can treat a much broader spectrum of disorders. The prisma VENT50 also has a complete alarm management system, power pack, rechargeable battery with a capacity of up to 12 hours and integrated oxygen connection.
  • Brilliant display: Large display, high contrast, sharpness and natural colors.
  • Easy handling Intuitive menus, simple operation, quick optimization:
  • 360° easy turn: Simple settings with 360° easy turn dial and quick selection keys.
  • Allover compatibility: Fits nearly all hoses, supplies additional devices, functions with conventional cable.
  • Low noise: Whisper-quiet operation, more compliance and well-being of patient and others nearby.

The solar system

BOS AG BOS AG and Solarkiosk have joined forces to create a powerful solar system, which is an intelligent all-in-one solution combining all functions necessary, including inverters, chargers, MPPT trackers and Lithium batteries, to convert power from solar modules to run the Löwenstein ventilators reliably. The system is, at full charge, able to run the ventilator for 2 consecutive days in full operational mode. The system comes with 1kWp solar modules and is designed for off – grid and hybrid solar system usage. It can be used in various applications, such as in homes, schools, health centres and other rural applications and has been designed to reliable power the ventilators 24/7. It has been designed to be used and run completely independent from the grid or from generators, but they can also be used as a backup in order to encounter negative, live threatening impacts resulting from black outs and shortages of energy. The systems are designed to run in rough conditions and are fully customizable for the specific needs of the customers.

This project was done with he help of our partners from:

Optionally also available: Patient Monitor

patient monitor An often used device in combination with a ventilator is a patient monitor. This device can measure and monitor a combination of biometric values of a patient in a hospital or in a clinic. This allows for continuous monitoring of a patient, with medical staff being continuously informed of the changes in general conditions of a patient. It can also warn of pending fatal conditions before visible signs are noticeable to clinical staff. Our patient monitor, the VitaGuard ® VG 3100 is a very versatile monitor and a great complement to our solar powered ventilators, as it monitors oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate and respiration of patients of all ages, thus giving medical personnel and caregivers the security they need, both in ambulatory and clinical environments. It is also designed very compact and power-efficient, allowing it to be used in remote areas such as in weak-grid and off-grid areas of this world.

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