Solar powered rural market centre / mall

copyright@Solarkiosk – Solar powered “micrgrid” market center / mall enabling entrepreneurs in frontier markets with infrastructure, electricity and productive use 

SOLARKIOSK’s Connected Solar Market Center (CSMC) is one of the most powerful off-grid concepts currently being developed. Each CSMC hosts multiple independent businesses accessing energy from the central E-HUBB, while enjoying space, infrastructure and support – all provided by SOLARKIOSK.

r we successfully tested a site with our retail business, powered through the E-HUBB, we design and implement a CSMC by designing the property of an expanded plot around the E-HUBB to become a solar powered market centre (or rural – off-grid – village mall) which is enclosed by a fence, has customer infrastructure (pavement, toilet, clean environment, lighting), etc. Additionally to that, we implement a micro-grid that distributes the power from the E-HUBB to additional infrastructures, which we establish on the plot (business structures), so that local entrepreneurs can establish their business in our rural mall. A CSMC offers the following:

  • infrastructure (premium site, unique, modern environment)
  • energy for local businesses through a micro-grid (barber, restaurant, viewing hall)
  • connectivity (WiFi)
  • awareness (marketing, advertising, knowledge-transfer)
  • more jobs in the community
  • social and non-commercial purposes: administration, education, health, agriculture, etc.

SOLARKIOSK has already successfully designed and implemented over 20 such rural village malls and will continue to do so in the future aiming for the following:

  • Giving businesses the opportunity to set up a thriving business in a high traffic central location, powered by solar power
  • Creating additional jobs in the community
  • Using our solar power for productive use
  • Offering a save space in which the community can meet and gather
  • Enabling and empowering the whole community to prosper and thrive
  • etc.

The following demonstrates the potential layout of such a CSMC:


Through the provision of infrastructure and green, renewable solar electricity, in this CSMC we have empowered a number of local businesses:

  • A convenience retail store
  • A tailor store
  • A barber shop
  • An outdoor restaurant
  • A pool billiard table
  • A cinemaTake a virtual walk through one of our CSMC’s here:

Take a virtual walk through one of our CSMC’s here: