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No matter if you are a supplier, involved in distribution looking to distribute our solar products, a system developer looking for solar system components or another potential partner (CSR, NGO, GO, etc.), we are the right people for exploring opportunities in frontier markets.

Why work with Solarkiosk?

3 international

Global off-grid specialist

Over hundreds of projects in frontier markets; operated the largest rural retail network in East Afrika; team that lived and worked over a decade in frontier markets in Asia, Afrika and Latin America, we implemented and sold 1,500,000 of kWp in hundreds of projects in on- and off-grid areas.

3 years experience

Prooven technology

Not only do we sell products, we offer turnkey solutions which we have designed, implemented, and operated for years. Through hundreds of projects worldwide, we have gathered the necessary experience leading to our operational and project execution excellence.


Constant improvement process

Our constant improvement process has made us experts in manufacturing and designing state-of-the-art products and solutions for a dedicated purpose.

3 factories worldwide

German quality and just in time production

We work predominantly with German manufacturing and suppliers and have a decade of experience in auditing solar plants in Asia. We aim to produce just-in-time and to reduce transportation costs to the final destination.

3 security

High quality for low maintenance

Our constant improvement feedback loop ensure we upgrade, develop, and utilize cutting-edge products and solutions. This continuous upgrade makes our products and solutions the sturdiest and most secure turnkey solutions in the market, with low maintenance and enduring operations.

3 team

Experienced team

A first-rate international team with leading experts in design, architecture, construction and solar engineering, as well as a dedicated, experienced international sales team to support your organization’s need.

3 fortune 500

We value our partners

Our extensive list of partners and clients range from Fortune 500 companies’ to NGOs and GOs in the health, education, humanitarian, and disaster relief.


Award winning design

The E-HUBB, Solarkiosk’s outstanding flagship product, was designed by GRAFT, a world-renowned German architecture, urban planning and design company with global reach. It was further developed by Solarkiosk’s in-house experts. The E-HUBB, like no other product in its category, has won multiple awards for its design, technology and integrated business model.



We seek relationships on eye-level where every partner benefits adequately.



Right sizing, so you only pay for what you need, and combining cutting-edge products from German and international suppliers.


SOLARKIOSK Solutions is expanding its reach through a global network of Distributors who are involved into distribution of solar products, solutions and services in frontier markets and connect quality solar products and solutions with credible customers and projects in off-grid frontier markets.

Our distributors will, with our very close support, build on the tremendous market potential for renewable energy in frontier markets. Together we will establish the route to market through distribution for high quality solar power products, solutions and components at affordable prices to answer an ever growing market need with an every growing portfolio of innovative and cutting edge products, solutions and services.

Minimum requirements

Solarkiosk is committed to the success of our brand and this success can only happen if we are working with partners, which are committed in the same way. Solarkiosk is a recognized market leader and for this reason we are looking for the most qualified partners in each individual market to establish a long- term mutually beneficial business relationship. Our distributors will enjoy exclusive representation of our products in the authorized territory as well as the most competitive prices, which allows them to generate great opportunities.

For this, we seek businesses that share our passion about renewable energy, that are seeking to dedicate their resources in promoting and distributing our products in the markets and that are matching the following profile:

  • Proven track record of at least three years in the distribution of renewable (solar) energy products or similar products
  • Registered business and a local office in the territory
  • Technical support and service team who are trained to provide installation as well as professional maintenance and service for units sold
  • Financial capability of buying and keeping a minimum Inventory on products represented by the distributor in foreign currency
  • Have a warehouse for keeping inventory
  • Have a license or the right means in place and experience in importing products from overseas
  • Know the potential market well and have good working relationships with local wholesalers and retailers that might be interest in our products, services and solutions
  • Always meet the mutually agreed annual sales quota
  • If this sounds like you, then please use the link below to apply to become our distributor.
If you are interested in becoming our distributor, please apply now by clicking on the button below


Thanks to its vast experience and extended network of agents throughout Africa and Asia, SOLARKIOSK Solutions helps manufacturers and suppliers to sell their products and solutions to customers in Frontier Markets. Solarkiosk Solutions specializes in innovative, high quality solar products, components and solutions at affordable prices, hence connecting energy projects with the right solutions. If you want Solarkiosk to distribute your products, please contact us and send us:

  • your company profile
  • your product description
  • distributor pricing as well as
  • your terms and conditions for our review
Submit your request for listing your products here

Partner (CSR, NGO, GO, etc.)

Solarkiosk Solutions is your right partner to develop solutions that intertwine marketing strategies with a sustainable business model. We can help you reach customers in frontier markets from rural off-grid communities, refugee camps, and others. In cooperation we will:

  • Analyze the needs and specifics in the community
  • Design and engineer the right solution
  • Draft, validate and finalize business plans and marketing strategies
  • Build, transport and commission the solution
  • Incubate the business in the target community
For more information, please contact us for further discussions.

Join our team

We are a highly motivated, passionate and diverse team, working from our beautiful offices in the heart of Berlin.

We share the same goals and are driven by the mission of universal access to energy, ending poverty and equal opportunities.

Our projects are global, mostly in remote off-grid areas, targeting the Base-of-the-Pyramid.

We are living our ethical principles every day, sharing hard work and lots of fun. We love people who think and work independently and are real team-players.

If you like working in a Start-Up environment, if you are passionate about change, if you are driven by disruptive technical and business innovation, then we are indeed looking forward to hearing from you!