Solarkiosk African Startup Facilitator

Start-Up Facilitator for African off-grid energy companies

Solarkiosk calls the most promising African Start-Ups in the off-grid energy sector to make them fit for funding and help them find the right investors. If you are an African off-grid energy entrepreneur and ready for funding, apply NOW!

Solarkiosk will select the most promising African off-grid energy Start-Ups and offer them the following to get funded:

  • Business / sector specific advisory
  • Matchmaking to suitable strategic partners in Africa / Europe / US / Asia
  • Prep-up for finance round (documentation, business plan, data-room)
  • Matchmaking in financing rounds
  • Legal support in the deal-making process via our legal partners
  • Post-investment support and preparations for consecutive rounds

The challenge:

African Start-Ups, in particular those addressing issues of the people who live in rural off-grid areas, often have a hard time to become “investable”, e.g. proving international investors that they are suitable for investment, because they don´t (yet) have:

  • A clear understanding about the expectations of the investors
  • Their documentation (pitch, IM, business model, data-room) in place
  • A simple efficient governance and an effective organisational structure
  • A defined growth strategy and exit-perspective for investors
  • An ambitious, but down-to-earth valuation
  • A clearly defined path toward the investment

Investors, on the other hand, often fail to see the real investment opportunities because they:

  • lack know-how / investment experience regarding African market and sectors
  • lack understanding of local context
  • Don’t have the resources to conduct a real in-debth Due Diligence
  • Are hindered by a general mistrust that “Africa works”.

The solution: Solarkiosk Start Up facilitator for off-grid energy companies

Solarkiosk bridges the gap as an intermediary between African Start-Ups and international investors because we:

  • are active in the rural off-grid sector in Africa since more than 10 years, working with several partners (PAYGO´s, mini-grid operators, DESCO´s, suppliers, retailers) and therefore know the sector like hardly any other
  • know the “pain & gain” from both sides of the table, e.g. the challenges both for Start-Ups to get invested and investors to find the most promising companies
  • help mission aligned Start-Ups to become investable and find them investors
  • are well-known and well-connected with investors who want to invest in the African off-grid energy sector

Why Solarkiosk?

  • We are colleagues who roll up our sleeves to help you grow and find you the right investor, making sure you maintain control of your business
  • We know operations and can support you to set up super efficient and resilient operations, with the appropriate governance and an effective organisational structure which investors want to see to gain trust and confidence to invest
  • We know the pitfalls when it comes to the Investment Deal and help you to avoid mistakes
  • Your success is our success!

The process:

Deadline for the applications: February 28, 2021

 In order to apply, you simply have to fill in the application form on the next pages and answer 22 simple questions. If you have an investment teaser an/or a pitch deck in word or in PDF format ready to be uploaded, even better. Once you´ve applied, we´ll be in touch with you with further info.

The deadline for the first round of applications is over. Please stay tuned for our next round of applications, coming soo!