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SOLARKIOSK | Supplying integrated solar solutions to businesses

Our mission:

Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH is dedicated to providing turnkey infrastructure electricity and connectivity solutions for companies, relief and aid organizations, government organizations, and others to access the most difficult to reach areas in the world.

The myth of cities as the hubs of our world

We are used to seeing the world from an urban perspective. For us, mega-cities are the centre of the world and, on the opposite side, rural areas are remote, far away, and difficult to reach. The farther away these rural areas are, the less they are connected. Because of a lack of infrastructure, the more difficult it seems to reach, understand, and interact with these regions and their populations.

Many rural areas worldwide, in particular Africa, Asia, and partly Latin America and the Middle East, are not connected to the electricity grid. Since they do not have electricity, they do not have light at night, mobile phones cannot be charged, beverages and food cannot be cooled, computers cannot be used, etc.

934 mio. people in East Asia & Pacific (developping nations only), 854 mio. people in Sub Saharan Africa, 123 mio. people in Latin America & Caribbean, live in rural communities

Many of these rural areas also lack access to basic products, services and infrastructures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise, such as roads, water supply, electrical grids, telecommunications, internet, hospitals, schools, cinemas, community centres for sports and culture, etc. Hence, we know very little about the off-grid parts of our world. They are literally dark places. We think of them as “poor” and “underdeveloped” and pity those who live there.

Off-grid market place in rural Kenya with basic tables for display of goods.

It is all a matter of perspective. The majority of people live in rural areas — 80% in Africa, for example. For them, rural communities are the centre of life reaching out to remote cities and capitals.

In reality, many areas in mega-cities are also off-grid, not connected to the grid and lack infrastructure, just like remote rural areas. Settlements like Kibera in Nairobi, Kali Baru in Jakarta, favelas in Rio de Janeiro, and countless more, where millions of people live, are struggling with the same challenges to be “connected.”

5 trillion USD consumer market opportunity:

475 million farmers own a farm with less than 2 hectares They produce 80% of the food consumed in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

The people at Solarkiosk Solutions have always been passionate about rural off-grid areas and the last mile. We believe that rural communities have much to offer. They are rich in cultural diversity, nature, and productivity. Rural areas produce the food we all eat.

E-HUBB operator selling a solar product to a client in Kenya

The E-HUBB changes the traditional perspective. The E-HUBB connects “remote” places with the “centres” of our world. Our E-HUBBs make rural communities become the centre, the hub, for productivity and socio-economic growth.

This is why we seek to bring rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, where 1.1 billion people live without electricity  and are disconnected due to lack of basic infrastructure, closer to the rest of world. Our aim is to create many new centres and hubs which are not urban, but rural. These rural markets constitute an annual 5 trillion USD global consumer market opportunity.

These are the last real growth markets offering a huge potential for sectors like consumer goods, food, water, energy, transportation, health, education, finance/insurance, information and communication. All they need is reliable energy and connectivity to profit from this untapped market opportunity and the appliances which can enable and empower local productivity.

Over 1,100,000,000 people around the world lack access to electricity

SOLARKIOSK: enabling individuals and businesses with solar-powered products, services and solutions:

Solarkiosk Solutions is a spin of company from SOLARKIOSK AG, who used to be the energy connectivity gateway and last mile distribution to and from rural “off-grid” areas worldwide. We have invented and brought to perfection, an award-winning technology design: the E-HUBB, which has enabled the rapid growth of SOLARKIOSK AG in the past. The E-HUBB enables and empowers diverse sustainable businesses and services to be powered by electricity and connectivity in rural “off-grid” areas, but also in semi-urban and urban contexts where the grid is “bad” (unreliable and expensive). Here a short video of what SOLARKIOSK AG aimed to achieve and how our technology was able to help them on their mission:

The company was one of the fastest growing last mile distribution companies in East Africa. Founded in 2011 by Andreas Spiess and Graft architects it used to play a major role in the renewable energy access space. The company has been able to build a successful track record as East Africa´s largest rural retailer accessing these markets with solar-powered business, retail and services hubs tailored for the so-called “base of the pyramid”.

Based on these many years of experience, Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH now offers this unparalleled technology solutions to clients and partners so they can approach new opportunities in a sustainable way by leapfrogging old and environmental polluting technologies (such as diesel generators and biofuels). We provide our partners and client with a unique solution by intertwining the award-winning E-HUBB technology and solutions with an inclusive business model to disrupt traditional last mile retail in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East for it’s clients and partners.

SOLARKIOSK has the turnkey solution for you.

Our solution, the E-HUBB is / has:

Solar integrated infrastructure solution, 24/7 autonomous power through integrated solar powered technology. It excels thanks to its operational efficiency and its long term durability and low maintenance, thanks to its high quality components.


globe with dots We are a global company dedicated to empowering our clients in off-grid rural areas, or areas without stable, affordable grid with stand-alone solar-powered turnkey solutions.
calendar pages We not only sell products, we sell turnkey solutions which we ourselves have designed, implemented, and operated for many years. Through hundreds of projects worldwide, we have gathered the necessary experience leading to our operational and project execution excellence.
target circles Our constant improvement process has made us experts in manufacturing and designing state-of-the-art products and solutions for a dedicated purpose.
factory symbol Solarkiosk is working with several contract manufacturers around the globe for just-in-time production and to reduce transportation costs to the final destination.
security lock Through our rigorous CIP feedback loop, we make sure to constantly improve, upgrade, and invent new, cutting-edge products and solutions. This continuous upgrade makes our products and solutions the sturdiest and most secure turnkey solutions in the market, guaranteeing uninterrupted low maintenance and enduring lifetime operations.
technical team symbol A first-rate international team with leading experts in design, architecture, construction and solar engineering, as well as a dedicated, experienced international sales team to support your organization’s need.
Fortune500 symbol Our extensive list of partners and clients contains many Fortune 500 companies’ partners and clients from numerous vertical industries, as well as NGOs and GOs in the health, education, humanitarian, and disaster relief sphere.
Prizes and awards icon The E-HUBB Solarkiosk’s outstanding flagship product was designed by GRAFT, a world-renowned German architecture, urban planning, design company with global reach. It was further developed by Solarkiosk’s in-house experts. The E-HUBB, like no other product in its category, has won multiple awards for its design, technology and integrated business model.