State-of-the-art innovative modular grid-forming PAYG ready Solar Home System (SHS)

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We offer different, adapted solutions, which can power the complete energy needs of a household, agro-processing businesses or industrial business, no matter how advanced these are.

All our systems run with solar power and are capable to store energy that can be used in the night time.

The different ranges of products, which target a full coverage of all potential needs in terms of energy needs, so any user can now enjoy decentralised and clean solar energy, making them independent of energy bills, power shortages / cuts or expensive, unclean and unhealthy diesel generators.


Solego is the perfect power system in combination with energy saving DC appliances. However, it is possible to connect power inverters, even AC power tools can be used with Solego.

The product is ideal for all end users with low to medium energy needs and can power applications such as Laptops, LED lamps, DC TV’s, Fans, portable stereo radio, security lights, hair cutters, small submersible water pumps and angle grinders. The product integrates Lithium battery storage up to 1 kWh.

Home Power, Business Power & Pro Power

These powerful systems are able to run most commercially available AC applications (such as TV‘s, Fridges, Grain Mills,  etc.) but they also can power energy saving DC appliances.

The product integrates Lithium battery storage in various sizes, up to 76 kWh or battery storage capacity.

The product is ideal for any type of agro processing business, small and medium size industrial business, schools, health centres, refugee camps or any type of energy need in areas that are in an off-grid- or weak grid type of environment or that are on grid but want to become energy independent. 

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SHS product portfolio

State-of-the-art innovative modular grid-forming PAYG ready Solar Home System (SHS)

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Solego is the only true modular solar home and business system on the market.

Just like Lego bricks, the systems are gradually extendable in battery and panel capacity. Thus, more devices with higher power demand can be connected (such as water pumps).

The two available systems Solego 80 and Solego 160 are modular solar solutions for households and small businesses in off-grid areas. Each system can accommodate a 80Wh or 160Wh battery and two 50W solar panels.

As soon as the electricity demand increases, additional batteries can simply be stacked on top of the existing system, and additional solar panels added.

The existing Pay-As-You-Go (PayGo) plan can easily be extended.

Moreover, by connecting the systems of neighbouring homes, Solego will not only generate energy for the own consumption, but will at the same time enable rural end-customers to become entrepreneurs by selling the excess energy to their neighbours (microgrid). The additional income will improve the payment moral in the PayGo business model.

SHS functions:

Modularity: Two different battery-module-sizes that can be stacked to increase energy autonomy. Connect an additional 50W panel to each battery module.

USB Ports: 7 integrated USB ports allow the user to charge multiply USB devices with 1Amp each. Thus, additional income can be generated by offering charging service to others (e.g. for mobile phones).

Languages: The system talks to end-customers in their local language; currently 5 languages are implemented. More languages can be added. This way, Solego is more convenient for the often illiterate end-users.

High power connector: A bullet connector allows the modules to combine their energy output to provide higher power of up to 1kWp.

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Our SHS can power a wide range of electrical appliances:

electrical appliances

Our systems can already be ordered and shipped with the most important home appliances, such as lights, TVs, radios and phone charging adapters, and also productive-use appliances, such as angle grinders, water pumps and electric fences.

However, with the help of power adapters, you are also able to connect every other 12V appliance out there. And with the possibility to connect power inverters, even AC power tools can be used with Solego, such as:

  • Laptop charger with adapters
  • 1/2/4W LED lamps
  • 24″ and 32″ high efficient TV
  • Fan
  • Portable stereo radio
  • Laptop charger with adapters
  • Security light
  • Hair cutter 
  • Submersible water pump 
  • Angle grinder
  • Etc.
Battery duration in hours
LED TV Fan Laptop LED brightness used Solego 80 Solego 160
x full brightness 6 12
x medium brightness 13 26
x low brightness 26 52
x x middle brightness 4 8
x x x middle brightness 3.5 7
x x x middle brightness 1 2

Mesh network - grid forming capacity

Thanks to our advanced technology, the Solego systems can be interconnected to form a DC microgrid, so that the risk of an energy blackout for each connected household decreases and even energy intense appliances can be powered (e.g. a milling machine). This functionality would enable:

  • Peer-to-peer energy trading
  • System independent
  • Save and robust
  • Extendable
  • Shared ownership
  • Cost effective
  • Robust swarm technology
  • Integrated solution
home system schematics

Technical data of the home system:

Nominal voltage 12.8 V
Maximum system voltage 14.4 V
Idle voltage when full 13.4 V
Max. current PowerPlug (multiple stacked devices will add accordingly) 12 A
Max. current PowerPlug in stacked configuration 7 x 1 A
Max. current light and TV port 3 A
System languages English, French, Kiswahili, Fulfulde, Wolof (others on request)
Self consumption On: 3 – 35 mA
Off: 1 mA
Weight, base module (Solego 80) 1.2 kg
Weight, base module (Solego 160) 2.0 kg
Dimension, base module (Solego 80) Width 16.5 cm
Depth 16.5 cm
Height 5.7 cm
Dimension, base module (Solego 160) Width 16.5 cm
Depth 16.5 cm
Height 7.5 cm
Battery capacity Solego 80 80 Wh
6 Ah
Solego 160 160 Wh
12 Ah
Solar panel cable Length 7 m
Solar panel Peak power 50 wP
Weight 4.5 kg
Max. panel voltage 25 V
Width 66.5 cm
Height 53.4 cm
Depth 3 cm
Light cables Length 7 m
Max. LED light motion sensor distance 20 cm

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