Since 2012, Solarkiosk is focusing on Frontier markets and we have gained vast experience designing, building and commissioning customized solar powered infrastructure solutions according to our own needs and the needs of our clients, who wanted to set up operations in the most difficult to reach frontier markets.

We are a trader platform, a system integrator, a service provider and a business incubator. Our key strengths derive from the “E-HUBB”, our proprietary award-winning solar technology-design. Our E-HUBBs are designed to power the energy-connectivity-productivity gateway in rural off-grid communities. We have deployed approx. 250 E-HUBBs worldwide in 15 countries, reaching approx. 5m people and not only with our E-HUBB, we have always combined quality solar products with turnkey solutions and provide services to create sustainable businesses in off-grid frontier markets worldwide.

Design and engineering:

In order to work in frontier market communities we had to design and engineer a custom solar powered solution that can be delivered and operated anywhere, regardless of existing infrastructure, the E-HUBB. Based on this technology, we have re-engineered and modified our solution to empower vertical sectors, such as Healthcare, Telecommunication, Education, Retail, Water, Fuel retail, F&B, Humanitarian sector, etc.


Based on our E-HUBB technology, we have not only produced, but also implemented solar powered mini clinics, school support hubs, COVID test and vaccination centers in the most challenging environments with restricted access and resources. Additionally to that, we produced, shipped, implemented and operated over 250 E-HUBB’s in East Africa for our clients and for ourselves and we became the biggest solar powered last mile distributor in the region, making us one of the worldwide leading last mile infrastructure implementer.

Operations and business model

From 2011 – 2019, Solarkiosk developed and operated the largest solar powered trading network in Sub-Saharan Africa. With our E-HUBB technology design and inclusive business model we enabled and empowered base-of-the-pyramid (BoP)communities in rural off-grid areas. We deployed more than 200 solar powered retail hubs in remote areas in Botswana, Ethiopia Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, employing 350+ engineers and last mile experts, creating thousands of jobs at the BoP, serving millions of customers with solar and sustainable products. This unique and invaluable experience shapes our company and distinct us from others. Because we know what people in off-grid areas need to thrive and how to operate such a complex organization in such challenging environment. Solarkiosk is often sought for consulting clients worldwide on last mile business models and operations.
We distributed tens of thousands of solar products, sustainable products and services at affordable products, tackling the issue of poverty penalty and non-existence of formal last mile distribution.
Outreach: We have managed to reach a staggering number of over 5 million customers in 15 countries.

Some of our valued clients and partners:

Awards and recognition


In April 202The E-HUBB was rewarded the 3.rd place in the category economical realities by the renowned POLIS AWARD.

Zayed Sustainability Prize 2020

Solarkiosk was chosen as a finalist for the Zayed Sustainability Prize 2020 in the Energy category. The Zayed Sustainability Prize recognizes pioneering solutions and technologies that can change the world and has rewarded innovators and visionaries whose achievements have furthered the global proliferation of innovative, impactful and inspirational sustainability solutions since 2009. Solarkiosk was one of the 30 companies that have been chosen as a finalist from 2373 entries for the 2020 Awards.

Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award

SOLARKIOSK won the Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award 2016 as one of ten companies selected in 2016. Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Prize recognizes game-changing innovators revolutionizing the energy sector. SOLARKIOSK was recognized on stage at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance 2016 Future of Energy Summit on the 4th of April in New York.

Alliance for Rural Electrification forum

In 2017 SOLARKIOSK received special recognition from the Alliance for Rural Electrification forum that awarded companies and organizations which have made special contributions to advance the rural electrification sector.

erasmus Erasmus Energy Business Award

SOLARKIOSK was the winner of the 2015 Erasmus Energy Business Award. The annual Erasmus Energy Business Award honors and showcases the best and most innovative sustainable business ideas.

ZEIT WISSEN magazine award

SOLARKIOSK won the award given annually by the German ZEIT WISSEN magazine. The award aims to recognize projects and initiatives in economics and science that contribute in a significant way to sustainable development.

Connected World magazine award

The Connected World magazine honored innovative projects at a formal gala event in Birmingham, Alabama. SOLARKIOSK won GOLD in the category “Power Generation.” The Connected World Awards honor companies that have successfully leveraged IoT/M2M and connected devices to solve a critical pain point within their businesses while demonstrating quantifiable results. The recipients of the 2015 awards represent examples of what can be done today in the IoT (Internet of Things).

Silver prize, German Federal Design Awards

SOLARKIOSK won the Silver Prize at the 2014 German Federal Design Awards. The award Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland is the most prestigious German competition in the design field and is also traditionally called the “Award of Awards.” It was founded in 1969 and has since been held yearly by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

German Federal Ecodesign Award

In 2013 SOLARKIOSK won the prestigious German Federal Ecodesign Award which recognizes highly innovative and well-designed sustainable products, services, and concepts that are outstanding

Empowering People Award by the Siemens​

SOLARKIOSK was honored to be among 23 finalists of the prestigious Empowering People Award by the Siemens

Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design Architecture Award

The prestigious Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design selected GRAFT Architects as one of the winners of the 2013 International Architecture Award for their pioneering design of the SOLARKIOSK.

Carl-Duisberg-Society Prize

SOLARKIOSK was the first ever recipient of the biennial Carl-Duisberg-Society Prize for Entrepreneurship (CDG – Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft Unternehmer Preis) in the category “Development through Innovation.”

Ecosummit Award

SOLARKIOSK won the 2015 Ecosummit Award. The award ceremony was part of the ECO15 London event which included 160 participants from various fields of green innovation and businesses that focus on smart green energy, mobility, and buildings, the 3 pillars of sustainable energy.