Powering Education

E-HUBB enabling education in off-grid setting in a refugee camp in Jordan

The Connected Solar School unit implemented in the Za’atari refugee camp provides the much needed energy and the E-HUBB is powering the connectivity equipment from SES to bring connectivity to approx. 1000 school children and school administration.
The 2 kWp Connected Solar School is operated by Relief International and hosted by UNICEF. The energy from the Connected Solar School is currently being used to power:

  • Inside and outside lights
    Lights within the nearby school structure
  • A laptop and projector used for educational activities in the nearby school structure
  • Tablets used for educational activities
    Satellite system and router for Wi-Fi
  • Scanner, printer and photocopier for the teachers to prepare the classes

Solar powered training centre for refugee camps

The E-HUBB provides infrastructure and energy to train and create employment opportunities for young entrepreneurs in a refugee camp setting and to provide much needed energy services to the community.
The Community Center implemented in December 2017 a refugee camp in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia is owned and operated by the Danish Refugee Council.
In Dollo Ado, more than 216,000 refugees and over 300,000 people in the host communities do not have access to energy. The E-HUBB is equipped with:

  • Mobile phone charging
  • Computers
  • Internet router for wifi
  • Television and speakers
  • Refrigerator