Our products

We combine quality solar products, at affordable prices, with turnkey solutions and provide services to create sustainable businesses in off-grid frontier markets worldwide. As a B2B trading platform, we offer a paramount range of selected quality products to our partners (renewable energy distributors and wholesalers).

E-HUBB, solar power integrated infrastructure solution

We have perfected the E-HUBB technology design over several years to bring access to electricity in the most remote areas of the world. We are extremely confident about the feasibility and usability of its solutions because together with SOLARKIOSK AG we have operated the E-HUBB in the companys’ own retail network. But we also supply these (solar-powered, mobile, versatile, modular, renewable energy-based) turnkey solutions as integrated business infrastructure solutions for companies, NGOs, and governments worldwide so they can grow their businesses to high potential growth communities.

The E-HUBB has been modified and used for various purposes in differtent, challenging environments. Please check the link Solutions on our website to get more information.Solutions for sectors.

Solar powered, turnkey test and vaccination center​

Thanks to our solar power integrated infrastructure solution, the E-HUBB, we power a range of devices, including a WHO certified vaccination fridge, mandatory for the proper storage of the COVID 19 vaccine, which is administered in the centers. Each center can conduct virology tests, administer vaccines and offer other healthcare related services to the community.

Telco Tower Hybrid Battery Solar System (HBSS)

The HBSS is our trailblazing technology solution for mobile tower operators. It consists of three main components:

  • High efficiency Solar panels
  • High quality hybrid inverters that are also able to manage alternative sources of energy including an innovative, patented hybrid battery management system that is able to manage lead-gel batteries and lithium batteries simultaneously
  • A state of the art monitoring system that is able to capture all data from every single equipment & sensors on site

The system helps TowerCo’s and MNO’s to

  • Reduce their cost of operations, especially for the operation of mobile towers in off-grid and weak-grid locations)
  • Save money in implementation
  • Focus on their core business and
  • Reduce the carbon footprint significantly

Solar powered Plug and Play solar powered vaccine fridge​

In order to be successful in the fight against the current COVID-19 pandemic, > 75% of the world’s population has to be vaccinated. To put this in perspective, 75% of immunisation is a higher rate compared to the achievement in some developing countries for common diseases like measles or polio!
But many countries still lack of adequate cold storage infrastructure to properly store their COVID-19 vaccines at the required temperatures. For this reason, Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH has launched its latest products, the solar powered vaccination storage fridges.

PAYG ready Solar Home System (SHS)

We offer different, adapted solutions, which can power the complete energy needs of a household, agro-processing businesses or industrial business, no matter how advanced these are.

All our systems run with solar power and are capable to store energy that can be used in the night time and we also provide a great number of solar appliances, such as TV’s, LED lights, Fans, etc.

All in one solar street light

All in one design, integrated light source, high-capacity lithium battery, solar cells and intelligent street lamp controller for convenient cable-free installation, wall- and pole mounting, installation and easy maintenance,

Mono- and poly crystalline PV modules

Every Solar System depends on a reliable and good quality solar panel. Solarkiosk has built more then 50 MW of solar powered capacity and is working with leading solar module manufacturer, for bigger demands Solarkiosk produces its own range of solar panels, European A-Grade quality Mono– and Polycrystalline solar panels with an unbeatable value proposition to ensure great efficiency and durability of your solar project at low cost.

Solar powered water pumps

Our high-quality solar solar water pumping systems let you pump water to irrigate your farm, lift drinking water from boreholes, etc. We can deliver complete systems, including:

  • water pump
  • solar panels
  • water pump controller
  • protection devices
  • water dispensers

Off-grid pure sine wave intelligent hybrid inverter, with integrated battery technology

Our high quality intelligent sine wave inverter chargers are indispensable for customers that want to power appliances in their homes, businesses and operations in an off-grid environment. They can use PV power and alternative sources of AC power (like diesel generators) to power their appliances.

They combine functionalities from a solar inverter, battery chargers and integrate alternative AC power sources and our advanced series make it possible to feed electricity back to the grid, so they are highly versatile and can be used for grid-tied, stand-alone or backup applications.

We integrate Lithium battery technology into the product, which will be delivered completely mounted and pre-configured for rapid, resource saving integration.

Thermal solar systems made in the EU

We aim to offer high quality, affordable solar thermal systems that are produced in a production line that has over more than 3 decades of experience and exported products to more than 20 countries worldwide.

  • Forced Circulation and thermosyphon hot water tanks
  • KEYMARK certified solar Thermal Collector with
  • Solar Thermal Mounting Systems for flat and incline rooftops
  • Other system components and accessories