Solarkiosk Tanzania made it into the “Companies to inspire Africa 2019” list of London Stock Exchange Group

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We are happy to announce that Solarkiosk Tanzania made it into the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) list of 360 companies accross Africa to inspire Africa in 2019.

You can download the report here:

Congrats to our team in Tanzania! Please share the news and stay tuned.

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SOLARKIOSK goes on the Ones to Watch List for the 3rd Time – 60 Innovators Reveal Glimpses of our Industrial Future

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Berlin, Germany, 15 November 2018: SOLARKIOSK is awarded a place on the 2018 Ones to Watch list, produced by the Cleantech Group.


The Ones to Watch list, a sister list to the Global Cleantech 100, showcases up-and-coming companies that represent segments and sectors more people in the market should pay attention to. The Ones to Watch were selected from the Global Cleantech 100 short list. Solarkiosk has been awarded a place on the list three years in a row.


“Cleantech Group makes it its business to identify the innovation companies that investors and corporates are most excited by right now,” said Cleantech Group’s CEO, Richard Youngman. “Our annual Ones to Watch List represents companies trending upwards and emerging industrial solutions that are gaining market traction.”

“We are happy to receive this noble recognition and work hard every day to deserve it” said Andreas Spieß, CEO of SOLARKIOSK. “But more importantly, we will continue to serve our millions of customers in rural off-grid Africa and Asia with better energy and connectivity related products, services and solutions.”

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Our Tanzanian Country MD presents a Connected Solar Market Center

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Today Muhammed Sonko, our Tanzanian Country MD, takes us on a tour in one of our Connected Solar Market Centers (CSMC), located in Kibindu, Tanzania.

A CSMC truly is a unique value proposition for productive use of renewable energy in rural off-grid communities. Please enjoy the unique chance to get to know a SOLARKIOSK CSMC in effect and swarming with businesses and activities, with this helpful introduction.


Credits to Muhammed Sonko, Marc Zedler and the rest of our amazing Tanzanian SOLARKIOSK team.

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SOLARKIOSK Inaugurates 5 Solar Powered Mini-clinics at Rohingya Refugee Communities in Bangladesh

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20.9.2018, Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh: SOLARKIOSK together with 8minutenergy/Abundant Future Organization and HOPE Foundation inaugurated five solar powered mini-clinics at the Rohingya refugee communities in Bangladesh.



In just some months, the Bangladesh government together with many donor organizations built new camps for approximately 800,000 refugees from the Rohingya community in Myanmar. Bangladesh, itself being one of the poorest countries in the world, accomplished to prevent a human catastrophe in a remarkable endeavor, supported by the international community of donors and NGO´s, amongst them HOPE International, a medical organization based in Bangladesh and lead by Dr. Mahmood. HOPE has built a huge compound to treat pregnant and traumatized women in the Rohingya camp. SOLARKIOSK was able to contribute its solar powered E-HUBB technology and implement 5 mini-clinics, each with 2kwP, equipped with air conditioning, fridges for medicaments and vaccination, ECG and other testing devices, treatment and delivery rooms.




SOLARKIOSK´s modular, kit-of-part, multifunctional “E-HUBB” technology-design, developed by GRAFT architects, can be implemented and operated in very remote and challenging areas. Currently, SOLARKIOSK has contributed and implemented its E-HUBBs for humanitarian purposes, in particular refugee camps and host communities, in Africa, Middle East and Asia.




CEO Andreas Spiess said at the inauguration event: “Today we are very blessed to witness a heroic endeavor of the people of Bangladesh to rescue their neighbors, the Rohingya minorities, from one of the largest humanitarian catastrophes globally. We in Europe can learn a lot from Bangladesh, who are themselves an underserved nation, when it comes to effective and caring charity. SOLARKIOSK is proud and grateful for its modest contribution of five solar powered mini-clinics for Rohingya women and in particular thanks 8minutenergy / Abundant Future Foundation for their never-ending support in making this challenging project a success.”


A very special thank you goes to our engineering team Ben and Nasreldin, who worked non-stop for many weeks to ensure a flawless technical operation of the clinics.



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SOLARKIOSK Joined German Chancellor Merkel Again – This Time in West Africa

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The German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited a delegation of hand-picked German private business leaders to join her on a trip to Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria for the last 3 days of August 2018. SOLARKIOSK’s CEO Andreas Spiess was honored to board the plane again with the Chancellor, after their successful mutual trip to Jordan and Lebanon in June, 2018.


Dr. Merkel’s delegation’s goal was for the government and private sector businesses to join forces to path the way for sustainable growth in West Africa, with a particular focus to motivate Germany-based companies to establish a presence and invest in these regions.


Andreas Spiess says: “The German government has identified SOLARKIOSK as one of the game changers, because our business model can rapidly scale across Africa, thereby ensuring long-lasting triple bottom-line impact. That is, socio-economic change in an environmentally friendly way.” He had a possibility to talk to major stakeholders from the civil society, the private sector and government in all three countries, and identified potential partners to work with in the future.


SOLARKIOSK is very eager to follow up on the meetings and acquaintances made, as well as deepen the dialogue with the German government. After his trip, Andreas Spiess posted this on his LinkedIn profile:


“Just returned from my trip with German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel to West Africa. Inspiring and encouraging as there is a true alliance between private sector and government: we have to create millions of sustainable jobs in Africa NOW. Am grateful that SOLARKIOSK has been recognized by European and African leaders as a scalable solution to this challenge.


This is just the beginning.”


Photo copyrights:
SOLARKIOSK is very grateful for the photographs to Heinz-Walter Grosse and Andreas Schindler.

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A virtual walk through our Connected Solar Market Center

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SOLARKIOSK’s Connected Solar Market Center (CSMC) is one of the most powerful off-grid concepts currently being developed. Each CSMC hosts multiple independent businesses accessing energy from the central E-HUBB, while enjoying space, infrastructure and support – all provided by SOLARKIOSK.


A recent video demonstrates this. SOLARKIOSK has built such a CSMC in Kibindu, Tanzania where our local patrons can find a nice, green, solar powered Mall space in the middle of an off-grid community that becomes the secure community meeting space in the evening, thanks to the public plot light that has been installed there.


Through the provision of infrastructure and green, renewable solar electricity, in this CSMC we have empowered a number of local businesses:


  • A convenience retail store
  • A tailor store
  • A barber shop
  • An outdoor restaurant
  • A Pool billiard table
  • A cinema


Enjoy your virtual walk through our CSMC!


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Solarkiosk Team Donates to “Hope for Life” – an Orphanage in Rwanda

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SOLARKIOSK’s team members all feel privileged to work for a company that enables and empowers the sustainable socio-economic development of Base-of-the-Pyramid communities. One of the biggest challenges in many African countries is the high number of orphans, due to war, famine and disease. As a part of our work we often experience first-hand the dire situation in which many orphans are brought up. Hence, the SOLARKIOSK team members decided to raise some money to help at least some children in need.

The donation was contributed to an orphanage in Rwanda “Hope for Life”. Since SOLARKIOSK operates in Rwanda, there is a very concrete connection to and care for the country.

Hope for Life’s mission statement is to serve impoverished youth through holistic care. They provide stability and empower them with resources and education needed to obtain a future for themselves and their community.

Hope for Life’s US Executive Director and Co-Founder Megan Chao suggested to use the donation for the education of 24 children in Hope for Life’s rehabilitative home. “These kids came to us from situations of abuse, poverty, homelessness, and neglect, and stay at our home full time as they transition into better situations. They go to a private school during the day and then we have a teacher on staff who provides extra lessons during the evenings and weekends, as the children need that extra support.”

Amanda Good, the representative for Hope for Life Ministry said “I want to personally thank you, your co-workers, and company so much for this contribution. Our home of 30 boys will benefit greatly from your contribution! Your donation will go a long way for us in Rwanda”, as she received the donation from SOLARKIOSK in July.

In the picture (Copyright Hope For Life) you can see a three-year-old boy called Berite, one of the children who enrolled in HFL’s rehabilitative program in the past few months, who is currently transitioning to his new home and making a remarkable progress in only a few months.

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SOLARKIOSK Invited as Part of a Business Delegation with Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel to Lebanon and Jordan

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In June, SOLARKIOSKS’s CEO Andreas Spiess accompanied Chancellor Angela Merkel and a handpicked delegation of German companies to Jordan and Lebanon. The main topic was how the private sector can support local economies in regards to the challenges that come with the high influx of refugees in these 2 countries. SOLARKIOSK´s E-HUBBs have already been implemented in 2 refugee sites in Jordan. Their technology offers an essential solution bringing electricity, connectivity, water and medical appliances to refugees and host communities.

Andreas Spiess: “I am proud and honored that SOLARKIOSK has been selected to represent the German private sector in this mission which is fundamental for all of us. More and more people from the Middle East and Africa will seek to migrate to Europe if they cannot find peace and opportunities to prosper in their motherland. SOLARKIOSK has both the technology and a scalable business model which can kickstart thousands of local businesses and create multiple jobs with each of these businesses where they are most needed: at the base of the pyramid.”

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Siemens and SOLARKIOSK Join Forces to Power Africa with Microgrid Solutions

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• MoU signed at Intersolar trade show

• First joint project as a basis for further development is located in Rwanda

• Partnership focus on SOLARKIOSK’s projects in East Africa which provide solar energy for local entrepreneurs/SMEs in rural off-grid areas

• Siemens microgrid solution helps to collect, monitor and analyze data as well as to provide simple remote control

• Collected data to create additional value for local entrepreneurs, operators, service providers and communities
Siemens and SOLARKIOSK have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on June 20 at the Intersolar trade show. Both companies agree to join forces to enhance local businesses powered by SOLARKIOSK ́s clean energy in non- electrified parts of rural Africa. SOLARKIOSK has deployed more than 250 projects in twelve countries serving roundabout 5 million people. The SOLARKIOSK solar powered E-HUBB is the business centerpiece for a rural “off-grid” village providing retail and energy-related services such as charging (mobile phones, batteries, lights), internet connectivity, cooling of products and medication, water purification, copy, print or scan, financial inclusion services as well as news and entertainment to local communities.
In the first joint project, Siemens will implement a microgrid gateway collecting data from both SOLARKIOSK’s existing energy systems and retail businesses and enabling remote control of the E-HUBB, thus improving service, energy usage, and operation such as supply chain management. The gateway will be connected to applications running on Siemens’ highly scalable EnergyIP smart grid application platform powered by MindSphere – the Siemens cloud-based open operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT). In a next step, the companies will tailor the microgrid cloud-based applications and related solution to the needs of the different stakeholders. In addition, further industrialization of electrical equipment, as well as enhancement of the solution with Siemens equipment such as local microgrid control or small batteries/ inverter kits, will be evaluated by SOLARKIOSK.

“With Siemens’ microgrid applications powered by MindSphere, SOLARKIOSK will be able to improve serviceability of the electrical equipment and make sure the energy is used in the most efficient way. Furthermore the analyzed data supports SOLARKIOSK in making the most economic decisions by evaluating productivity of different service offerings”,
said Ralf Christian, CEO of Siemens’ Energy Management Division.
“If the B2B microgrid grows further you can do even more with the collected data and local control capability. That’s our motivation for a co- creation agreement to define the next system generation maximizing value for all partners.”
“SOLARKIOSK is thrilled to develop together with Siemens software applications and algorithm which correlates our unique ability to collect valuable energy and commercial data and therefore analyses the energy impact on the various businesses we empower and vice versa. The joint collaboration will refine our retail operations and service offering to B2B customers throughout our African and global network. The insight gained from this disrupting approach will enable SOLARKIOSK to take its impact and business goals to the next level,”
said Andreas Spieß, CEO of SOLARKIOSK.

For the project, Siemens will deliver and install a suitable and robust data gateway for aggregating the necessary data and remotely control loads and generation using its proven EnergyIP. Numerous EnergyIP applications have been successfully used around the world for years. They include applications for meter data management and distributed energy management, energy efficiency applications for the energy sector and for industry, and various applications for data analysis, such as load prediction in the grid and tracing system losses.
In 2016 the Siemens Stiftung and SOLARKIOSK partnered to bring a mobile health clinic to a host community for refugees in Jordan. The clinic consists of a self- sufficient E-HUBB developed by SOLARKIOSK outfitted with Siemens medical equipment, including an ultrasound and hematology lab. It is powered by 8 kWp of solar panels on the roof, making it off-grid and fully mobile. The clinic is a small, flexible and modular unit, adaptable for many further locations and functions.
SOLARKIOSK AG is the last mile distribution hub and renewable energy-connectivity gateway to untapped markets at the Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP). SOLARKIOSK intertwines an award-winning design technology with an inclusive, scalable business model to enable and empower BoP communities worldwide through the provision of renewable energy services, products, and solutions, thus creating both triple bottom line impact and profitable business centers.

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