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Solarkiosk contributes 69 E-HUBBs – the solar powered retail anchor structure of THE PULSE centers – that are ready for operation at prime sites throughout Rwanda.

For this purpose, Solarkiosk has incorporated “THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd.”, the designated project company, through which THE PULSE will be operated.

In other words: THE PULSE is ready to go!

With this move, THE PULSE can rapidly roll-out and break even faster with a much lower capital investment.


  • a network of managed, interconnected, solar powered, rural business, trading, leisure & service centers,
  • tailored to the needs of underserved rural communities throughout Africa,
  • providing a dynamic “pulsating” infrastructure for local entrepreneurs, national & international companies, NGOs and GOs as the central access & market point in the last mile community,
  • empowering & transforming the rural Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) from within,
  • leapfrogging development and infrastructure in rural off-grid communities, thus pulling whole populations out of the poverty trap,
  • transforming the lives of millions of people at the BoP,
  • creating thousands of job opportunities and new micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in a yet unexplored multi-billion USD market.

The investment opportunity

Solarkiosk is now seeking equity investors as partners to roll out THE PULSE in Rwanda.

From Rwanda, THE PULSE will grow further to establish a truly Pan-African network of pulsating, rural off-grid business centers.

In case of interest, please contact Andreas Spiess directly at: spiess (at)!