Powering Healthcare

Solar powered solutions empowering healthcare

Health care is increasingly driven by electricity, which is a big problem in developing countries and last mile healthcare, where energy is often unreliable or even inaccessible. For Healthcare in such countries, having power can mean the difference between life and death. Solarkiosk’s solar power integrated E-HUBB has been used multiple times, also in a humanitarian context, to enable healthcare in difficult to reach areas.

E-HUBB based, solar powered COVID-19 vaccination and test centers

Solarkiosk has used its solar power integrated E-HUBB, and integrated its Solar powered Plug and Play solar powered vaccine fridge​ and other technologies to deliver turnkey pre-fabricated, solar powered vaccination and test centers that can be establish in the most difficult to access regions of this world.

Solar powered Connected Solar Clinic

Using its solar power integrated E-HUBB, Solarkiosk has integrated healthcare appliances to deliver Connected Solar Clinics. The prefabricate, modular, kit-of-part, multi-functional E-HUBB technology design is ideal to establish healthcare infrastructure in the most difficult to access areas of this world, as the clinic can be implemented and operated in very remote and challenging areas, such as in some of our projects, such as:

Connected Solar Clinic in the Mafraq Governorate in Jordan, in partnership with Siemens Stiftung and Siemens Healthcare partners, is operated by the Jordanian Ministry of Health)

Connected Solar Mini Clinics for traumatized women in the refugee Camp of Cox Bazaar, in partnership with HOPE Foundation for women and children in Bangladesh and 8minutesenergy.

The clinics include and power lifesaving healthcare appliances, such as e.g.:

  • haematology lab
  • ultrasound device
  • urine analysis device
  • refrigerator for vaccines
  • ECG devices
  • router for Wifi connectivity
  • computer connected to an e-health platform