Powering water

E-HUBB enabling solar powered water purification in off-grid settings

The Solar Water HUBB was implemented in October 2017 by SOLARKIOSK in cooperation with Solar Fountain gGmbH and Siemens Stiftung in Kenya. It provides access to clean water enabled by the energy from the 2 kWp E-HUBB. The Solar Water HUBB integrates the UF PRO ultra filtration system into its architecture providing access to the filtered water through taps on the side of the E-HUBB.
SOLARKIOSK also holds previous experience with enabling clean water provision through the integration of a reverse osmosis system in 2 kWp E-HUBBs in Vietnam. This project was enabled through a partnership with the Coca-Cola company and the EKOCENTER project. Here a great movie on the Ekocenter VN, powered by SOLARKIOSK