Powering Telecommunication

Solar powered off-grid telco solutions

Solarkiosk is the ideal partner for the needs of a growing market of telecommunication players, such as mobile network operators and telco tower companies that are penetrating deep into frontier markets to provide their solutions to a ever growing market segment. We have implemented the perfect solutions to power telco towers with solar energy, improve service and product distribution and get communities involved.
Leading telco players, that are taking their social responsibilities seriously can extend on our solutions in order to improve healthcare, education and other social purposes in the target areas, job and business opportunities are being created, service quality can be improved and much needed financial services through mobile money can be accessed.

Powering telco towers with solar combined with a distribution hub for products and services

The E-HUBB standard can be used to power telco towers with renewable energy. It can power telecom towers, providing independent yet reliable energy source for completely off-grid connectivity.
In Rwanda’s community of Ruhunda, access to internet or connectivity to make a phone call or send an SMS was not always a given thing. Together with our partners we wanted to change this situation. As Solarkiosk already had a CSMC planned for this site, we partnered through Coca Cola’s Ekocenter with Ericsson and Tigo. Ericsson helped build a new mobile phone tower to provide connectivity, while TIGO is providing 3G coverage for Internet access.
As the E-HUBB technology and structure are designed to evolve along with the demands of a community, we grew the center into a decentralised mini-grid that can power a telecom tower. Through the power of technology and partnerships the CSMC in Rwanda now empowered the community with 3G mobile connectivity as well as managed Rural Coverage (MRC) solution by TIGO in Rwanda to provide Internet services, infotainment (TV Anywhere) and M- Commerce solutions in rural Rwanda.