SOLARKIOSK has recently partnered with BRCK to provideE-HUBBs in Migori countywith an Internet Cafee in a Box.”
BRCK, a Nairobi-based technology company, is working to solve the connectivity issue in East Africa and beyond, serving as the on-ramp to the Internet in traditionally underserved communities. SOLARKIOSK’s E-HUBBs provide solar energy to power the Supa BRCK system which runs the Moja WiFi hotspot and local offline content library. The off-line content library is filled with rich, contextually relevant video, audio, and text, such as daily news updates from the BBC World Service (in English and Swahili), youth employment content as well as local music videos, TV shows, and books.
EachE-HUBB also offers tablets to allow customers who do not have access to a smartphone to engage with the off-line content and go online using the tablet.
SOLARKIOSK and BRCK are excited to offer access to information that will strengthen the education and awareness of the community. This partnership will help establish the foundation for a lasting impact for Migori county.
“Villagers using Moja WiFi network services at one of our E-HUBBs, where an area officer introduces them to all the different features”