Solarkiosk implements solar powered water pumps in Ethiopia

In the backdrop of global warming, droughts and drinking water shortages today is a huge global issue. Africa has been dealing with some of the most severe droughts it has ever seen as the world continues to report hotter and hotter temperatures year on year, as a result of climate change. More than 30% of Africa’s population is dealing with the issue of water scarcity and Sub Saharan African citizens have to travel 30 minutes on average per day to access water, such as the inhabitants of the communities of Gato, Holite and Walassa, located in the Southern Nation’s Nationalities and People’s Region of Ethiopia.

The communities, due to non-functional manual operated water wells, had to rely on unsafe water sources, such as surface water harvested from rain, rivers and ponds in the past. (Mostly) women and children of the communities had to walk 5 km or more in order to get water from such sources.

For this reason, we are extremely proud to showcase this newest project, which was installed despite many hurdles. We finally managed to install solar-powered water pumps, which are remote monitored. Our integrated monitoring systems  help water business, project teams, technicians and maintenance teams to have an integrated, convenient and reliable point of access for technical information on your solar powered water system.The solution is able to integrate various data points and give information on:

  • the solar system
  • the water system

and it can integrate other sensors in order to measure whatever you need to know on your project.

We are extremely pleased that this project visibly brought great relief to these communities! One of the first pump we have installed has already provided over 26,000 litres of water to the community!