POWER KIOSK’s Great Start into 2017

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Berlin, 10th February 2017

The first days of 2017 proved very successful for POWER KIOSK. The project, which started in 2015, is financed by the European Union and led by SOLARKIOSK in Kenya and Ethiopia and HERi Madagascar in Madagascar. Its goal is to provide solar energy products and services to 100,000 people in rural areas through the installation of 160 solar-powered kiosks.

In Kenya, 11 Power Kiosks are already operational. The last two were inaugurated on January 19th in the Kawai and Oldonyo Orok villages of Narok county. With numerous other SOLARKIOSK kiosks already on the ground, Narok now enjoys all the benefits of an improved distribution and retail network. Several more units are awaiting implementation in Narok as well as Kajiado, Samburu, Isiolo and Laikipia counties.

In Madagascar, where 20 Power Kiosks are already operational, an exciting partnership with UNICEF was launched on January 27th. HERi and UNICEF joined efforts to curb student drop-offs from primary to middle school by making solar lamps available to students through a rental model. During the inauguration events in the Vatovavy Fitovinany region, practical demonstrations introduced students and parents to the programme and the many advantages of solar energy.

Despite the country’s challenging political and security situation, Ethiopia managed to launch its first three Power Kiosks on February 5th. These are located in the villages of Qaso Manso, Rayitu and Walta’l Saida in the Bale region, southeast of Addis Abeba. Qaso Manso’s opening was marked by a lively inauguration event with the active participation of townspeople, local and regional authorities, respected elders and solar light distributors.

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Operators in kiosk
People around the kiosk
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SOLARKIOSK’s Kafa Biosphere Project

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E-HUBB contribute to biodiversity protection


Berlin, Monday 23rd January
NABU e.V. (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) celebrates the closing of its 3-year integrated project for the protection of biodiversity in the Kafa Biosphere Reserve, southern Ethiopia (Link).


SOLARKIOSK is among the key partners invited to attend the event. In 2014, SOLARKIOSK contributed three E-HUBBs to NABU, boosting the clean energy sources available to the Reserve’s inhabitants, one of the main pillars of the program.


The E-HUBBs are currently still operating in off-grid locations around the central town of Bonga. Among the first-implemented E-HUBBs, they represent a remarkable example of how SOLARKIOSK’s technology and design perfectly fits into a natural, protected environment, such as the Kafa Biosphere Reserve.



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SOLARKIOSK is introducing the first energy-autonomous clinic structure of its kind

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The Connected Solar Clinic is the first structure of its kind, enabling a superior level of medical services in off-grid settings. The durable, modular and portable clinic, designed and implemented by SOLARKIOSK, is entirely autonomous from the electrical grid and powers a range of medical devices, along with air conditioning and broadband connectivity.

On Wednesday, 18 January, 2017, it was officially inaugurated by a representative of the Jordanian Ministry of Health in the Mafraq Governorate, Jordan. The Connected Solar Clinic adds to the capacities of the Ministry of Health in the bordering region to Syria where the medical facilities for local residents and Syrian refugees are outnumbered and is estimated to facilitate treatment for up to 20.000 people per year.

We are grateful to our cooperation partners Siemens Stiftung and Siemens and are looking forward to contribute to further projects in the humanitarian and disaster relief field with our wide portfolio of energy-autonomous solutions.

For full press release, please follow to the website of Siemens Stiftung.

01_Connected Solar Clinic Inauguration
02_Connected Solar Clinic Inauguration
03_Connected Solar Clinic Inauguration
04_Connected Solar Clinic Inauguration
05_Connected Solar Clinic Inauguration
06_Connected Solar Clinic Inauguration
07_Connected Solar Clinic Inauguration
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Rachel Kyte visited SOLARKIOSK head offices in Nairobi

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Rachel Kyte visited SOLARKIOSK head offices in Nairobi to meet with our team and see our solution in action.


Rachel Kyte is CEO of the Sustainable Energy For All (, a UN initiative to enforce the Global Development Goal # 7 – universal access to sustainable energy. Rachel reports directly to the UN Secretary General and brought with her some external advisors and SE4All staff members. The SOLARKIOSK team explained the business model as a last mile distribution network for energy and connectivity in underserved off-grid areas. They in particular pointed out the operational challenges in the field and the need for finance assistance to achieve the goal of universal energy access by 2030. We are honoured that Rachel Kyte came to see and learn about SOLARKIOSK as the only supplier independent distributor of solar products, services and solutions.

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BERLIN/KIMOGORO, 10th October 2016 – Solar Kiosk Kenya Ltd and the European Union (EU) announced the inauguration of their first energy kiosk project within the context of the Power Kiosk project in the village of Kiomogoro, Kenya.

The County of Narok was chosen as a recipient of the Power Kiosk project due to its energy needs, with most rural villages having only very limited energy grid access, if any. Project locations like Kimogoro have the potential to offer social benefits and create business opportunities necessary to ensure long-term sustainability.
Power Kiosks will serve as complete energy and business outlets for solar products, fast moving consumer goods and energy services. They will enable new business opportunities that are powered by solar energy. Power Kiosks are dedicated to measurable triple bottom line impact – social, economic, and environmental – on all levels, from manufacturing to operations.

The SOLARKIOSK manager for this project is Cecilia Torres who stated: “. It is the beginning of a long-term relationship with this village, a relationship which will hopefully see this kiosk evolve and grow and develop with the community. Today this kiosk serves as a source of quality solar products and their customer service, helping the community reduce its dependence of dirty energy sources, which reduce local income and have negative impacts on personal health and the environment. We hope to build partnerships with the school, the health center, the municipality and other community stakeholders to help meet the energy and connectivity needs.

The event was attended by the European Union Delegation to Kenya’s Head of Infrastructure Walter Tretton, representatives from Solar Kiosk AG and Solar Kiosk Kenya and representatives from the Narok County Government.

This kiosk represents a beginning as is it the very first in a network of 40 such kiosks which will be installed over the coming year across various parts of Kenya thanks to this financing from the European Union, which will also extend further beyond Kenya, with a similar network of kiosks across Ethiopia and Madagascar”. In total this EU-funded project will establish 160 Power Kiosks.

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SOLARKIOSK speaks at World Energy Council 2016 in Istanbul

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gh-sesSOLARKIOSK was invited as a guest speaker to the World Energy Council, one of the largest and most prestigious public events in the energy sector. Political leaders, regulators, utilities, conventional energy suppliers and innovative business models, like SOLARKIOSK, met for four days to discuss the future of energy with all its enormous challenges and untapped opportunities.

While global energy demand will increase by approximately 50% by 2050 (25% by 2030), decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation are the main drivers of the sector. Cyber, extreme weather and the energy-water-food nexus are demanding for resilience and a new thinking.

Andreas Spiess, CEO of SOLARKIOSK, urged the energy leaders to “be faster and smarter.” Small innovative companies like SOLARKIOSK with its last mile “behind the meter” distribution approach can contribute significantly to solve urgent problems at the Base of the Pyramid, where approximately 1,5b people do not have access to energy and are therefore excluded from economic development and often forced to migrate. However, these new solutions need secure regulatory framework, quick access to finance, and the collaboration of the large industry players to scale their impact. 

Andreas was invited to speak about SOALRKIOSK’s experience in local capacity building, as the company manufactures its solution locally in three African countries: Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana. At several roundtable discussions, Andreas advocated the interests of those people who are currently excluded from universal access to energy. He showed the opportunity in a market where the poorest people spend up to 100 times more for energy services than people in Europe and the US. Global expenditures for off-grid lighting alone are 30b USD annually (vs. 25b USD in the on-grid world). “The world can only be changed with impactful, sustainable, e.g. profitable, and scalable solutions. SOLARKIOSK is certainly one of them. So we are asking the energy leaders for full support.”
SOLARKIOSK is the energy-connectivity gateway to the Base-of-the-pyramid and a last mile distribution channel to underserved markets. SOLARKIOSK currently operates 150 projects in 11 countries, providing approximately 1,5m people with energy services. SOLARKIOSK develops and implements sustainable smart renewable energy solutions “behind the meter”, embedding connectivity, education, health, clean water and financial inclusion. SOLARKIOSK goes where people are most in-need, to remote rural off-grid areas in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as refugee camps in the Middle East.

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Story of the day: Operator Training Rwanda

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Operator Training in Kigali (Rwanda) from the 4th-5th Sept


We are happy to congratulate the newest edition of Operators that joined the SK team in Rwanda. After a seemingly short time of education we now have small group of motivated and young new Operators ready and excited to engage in this field of profession. From installation of Solar products to the proper maintenance of the SOLARKIOSK istelf, every step in understading the responsibilites as a Operator is crucial for the proficiency we maintain and generally advocate… The importance of this position cannot be stressed enough. The Operator runs the Kiosk in every way physically possible and by doing so creates the intended impact. A good Operator makes the Kiosk flourish contrary to a bad Operator. Sure, we enable the opportunity but at the end of the day, the Individual standing in the Kiosk decides if she or he is willing to truly operate this business or not.


So the winds of change have brought about a new tide, flooding the shore with new Life.
With this Life spawns the vision tearing asunder the ignorance and prejudice built over time sustaining the illusion of separation we suffer from as humans.

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