Locally constructed gazebos enhance E-HUBBs in Tanzania

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SOLARKIOSK’s E-HUBBs are a gathering place for the community. While purchasing solar products, enjoying a cold beverage or charging phones, customers also come to the E-HUBB to socialize or hold meetings. SOLARKIOSK has been enhancing its E-HUBBs with locally produced infrastructure to create a safe and comfortable gathering place. These Connected Solar Market Centers (CSMCs) in Tanzania are now enhanced with gazebos made from coconut trees.

The roof beams and “legs” of the gazebos are made with trunks of the coconut treas, while the leaves of the trees are spread out on top of the roof beams and tied up to make a large covered area.

This local, creative, ecological design has great advantages over traditional umbrellas or tents, which are easily damaged by wind or can become too warm in the sun. Each gazebo can provide an enclosure allowing 15-20 customers to sit comfortably.

Ten gazebos have been implemented next to SOLARKIOSK’s E-HUBBs in Tanzania with plans for four more in the coming month.



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SOLARKIOSK’s insights from the G7 energy side event

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What can you do when you bring energy to a community? Listen in to the insights of Virginia Taborda, Director of Business Development at SOLARKIOSK who was invited to contribute as a panelist at the G7 Energy Side Event “Africa 2030: Empowering the continent through innovation, green tech solutions and capacity building” held under the auspices of the Italian G7 Presidency on Sunday 9 April 2017 in Rome.  

The conference proceedings and media coverage can be found on  





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SOLARKIOSK’s newly opened E-HUBB will power local businesses in Narok County

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On the 7th of April, SOLARKIOSK celebrated the opening of a new E-HUBB in a remote, off-grid village in Narok County in Kenya. The E-HUBB has been implemented as a part of the EU co-financed POWERKIOSK project.  

SOLARKIOSK CEO Andreas Spiess shared the joy of the ribbon cutting with a young child from the community. In his inauguration speech, Andreas stressed the value SOLARKIOSK brings in its investment in rural communities: “You can buy high quality products with 2-year warranty here. We are your partners and together we will grow to prosperity”. To highlight the new E-HUBB’s power generation for other businesses, Spiess added “for us, it is not only about selling products. SOLARKIOSK enables economic growth of its communities through productive use of clean, sustainable energy provided by the E-HUBB.”  



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SOLARKIOSK speaks in Rome at Energy G7 event

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SOLARKIOSK’s Director of Business Development Virginia Taborda will participate in a round table of a G7 Energy Ministry Meeting’s side event held in Rome at the MAXXI Museum this Sunday.

The side event “Africa 2030: Empowering the continent through innovation, green tech solutions and capacity building” is hosted by Enel Foundation, RES4Africa and the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) and will focus on the policy and regulatory improvements needed to support the growth of rural and urban African communities.

250 selected participants will be involved in three interactive sessions, fostering the discussion among G7 and African countries’ representatives.

SOLARKIOSK will speak at the second session, presenting innovative solutions which concentrate on the productive use of energy as a driver for social and economic development in Africa.

Read more about it:


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The African Development Bank invites SOLARKIOSK to attend “Off-Grid revolution”

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SOLARKIOSK has attended the “The Off-Grid Revolution” meeting as one of the few key private sector players. The invitation-only event brought together stakeholders across the off-grid energy sector at the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) headquarters in Abidjan.

The president of AfDB, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, stressed in the opening remarks of his speech that AfDB is eager to provide sustainable access to energy to 75m people in Africa who live off the grid. He pledged that AfDB would provide 12b USD in the next 5 years to the African energy sector, seeking leverage of 40-50bn USD from the private sector. “To stay in power you have to give power. We have to move faster and we have to move smarter.”

Henry Macauley, the Energy Minister of Sierra Leone, stated that Africa currently produces only 2% of the global energy. He pointed out that the cost of providing energy is high, but the cost of not providing energy is actually much higher, due to the loss of productive capacity. Not only can demand create supply, but also supply create demand.

SOLARKIOSK provided insights on the most pressing challenges of the private sector, in particular access to finance, smart business models, rules and regulations, human capacity and operational execution.

CEO Andreas Spieß: “It was a promising start. It is the first time at AfDB that the realization that off-grid private sector companies have developed both disrupting technology and business model seems to be followed by a factual readiness to deploy substantial financing into the sector.”

Read the full article here.

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SOLARKIOSK and SC Johnson fight malaria together

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SOLARKIOSK and SC Johnson have recently joined forces to fight against malaria through Rwanda’s EKOCENTER network.

Mosquito repellent lotion and mosquito coils have been included in the product portfolio of targeted communities, filling the local gap in malaria prevention.

The kiosk operators, with the support of the Society for Family Health Rwanda, will also run a communication campaign focused on malaria education through demonstration and products sampling.

Find our more from the press release of our partner SC Johnson!

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SOLARKIOSK AG has won the ARE Award!

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This week SOLARKIOSK AG has won the ARE Award for advancing rural electrification in the Private Sector in Developing Countries category. The prize has been conferred on Wednesday 22nd at the Awards Ceremony in the EDP Headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, during the ARE Investment Forum.

In their second year running, ARE Awards have given recognition to companies and organizations which have made a special contribution to advancing rural electrification. The Awards Jury has selected winners in six different categories:

• Private Sector in Developing Countries: SOLARKIOSK AG
• Multilateral / International Organisations: GIZ
• NGOs and Foundations: Kopernik
• Private Sector in Developed Countries: Daily Life Renewable Energy Pte Ltd
• Government in Developing Country: Tanzania
• Best Off-grid Project: Solar Sister

To learn more, check out the press release by ARE!

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Meet SOLARKIOSK in Lisbon!

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On the 22nd and 23rd March, SOLARKIOSK’s CEO, Andreas Spiess, will attend the ARE Energy Access Investment Forum in Lisbon.

The Forum is hosted by ARE, a large UN-partner association representing off-grid clean energy members in developing and emerging markets.
During the event the participants will discuss clean energy policy initiatives and business opportunities. ARE members will also have the opportunity to showcase their innovative technical and financial instruments to support rural electrification projects.

The ARE Awards Ceremony will take place on the 22nd night. Awards in six categories will be handed to companies, organisations and people for their passionate and original work on energy access.

On the 23rd SOLARKIOSK will be at the B2B matchmaking: come and meet us!

The Lisbon Forum falls during a busy week of conferences for SOLARKIOSK.

Check out all of the upcoming events we will attend:
Tech Festival on the 20th March in Berlin
Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue on the 20th and 21st March in Berlin
Impact Investment Forum from 21st to 23rd March in Yerevan


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SOLARKIOSK is One to Watch

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Cleantech Group, leader in supporting the development and marketability of clean technologies, just nominated SOLARKIOSK as one of the 100 companies to watch.

For the 8th Edition of Global Cleantech 100, Cleantech analysed and evaluated over 18,000 companies looking for innovation, marketability and execution ability. The Cleantech 100 winners were announced on the 23rd January 2017 at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. The Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch list was released soon afterward.

Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch are companies quickly catching the eye of leading investors in the market. These companies represent innovative and promising ideas in cleantech and are best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges.

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