SOLARKIOSK’s E-HUBBs are a gathering place for the community. While purchasing solar products, enjoying a cold beverage or charging phones, customers also come to the E-HUBB to socialize or hold meetings. SOLARKIOSK has been enhancing its E-HUBBs with locally produced infrastructure to create a safe and comfortable gathering place. These Connected Solar Market Centers (CSMCs) in Tanzania are now enhanced with gazebos made from coconut trees.

The roof beams and legs of the gazebos are made with trunks of the coconut treas, while the leaves of the trees are spread out on top of the roof beams and tied up to make a large covered area.

This local, creative, ecological design has great advantages over traditional umbrellas or tents, which are easily damaged by wind or can become too warm in the sun. Each gazebo can provide an enclosure allowing 15-20 customers to sit comfortably.

Ten gazebos have been implemented next to SOLARKIOSK’s E-HUBBs in Tanzania with plans for four more in the coming month.