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BERLIN/KIMOGORO, 10th October 2016 – Solar Kiosk Kenya Ltd and the European Union (EU) announced the inauguration of their first energy kiosk project within the context of the Power Kiosk project in the village of Kiomogoro, Kenya.

The County of Narok was chosen as a recipient of the Power Kiosk project due to its energy needs, with most rural villages having only very limited energy grid access, if any. Project locations like Kimogoro have the potential to offer social benefits and create business opportunities necessary to ensure long-term sustainability.

Power Kiosks will serve as complete energy and business outlets for solar products, fast moving consumer goods and energy services. They will enable new business opportunities that are powered by solar energy. Power Kiosks are dedicated to measurable triple bottom line impact – social, economic, and environmental – on all levels, from manufacturing to operations.

The SOLARKIOSK manager for this project is Cecilia Torres who stated: . It is the beginning of a long-term relationship with this village, a relationship which will hopefully see this kiosk evolve and grow and develop with the community. Today this kiosk serves as a source of quality solar products and their customer service, helping the community reduce its dependence of dirty energy sources, which reduce local income and have negative impacts on personal health and the environment. We hope to build partnerships with the school, the health center, the municipality and other community stakeholders to help meet the energy and connectivity needs.

The event was attended by the European Union Delegation to Kenya’s Head of Infrastructure Walter Tretton, representatives from Solar Kiosk AG and Solar Kiosk Kenya and representatives from the Narok County Government.

This kiosk represents a beginning as is it the very first in a network of 40 such kiosks which will be installed over the coming year across various parts of Kenya thanks to this financing from the European Union, which will also extend further beyond Kenya, with a similar network of kiosks across Ethiopia and Madagascar. In total this EU-funded project will establish 160 Power Kiosks.