Jeannette Rwanda

Meet Jeannette Umuhoza, one of SOLARKIOSK´s 56 female E-HUBB operators in Rwanda.

Jeannette joined the Solarkiosk Rwanda team in 2014 as one of the first SOLARKIOSK operators in Rwanda. She manages the E-HUBB in the village of Rubona where she was born and raised.

I always remember how excited I was when I got the offer from Solarkiosk Jeannette tells us. From the moment I joined Solarkiosk Rwanda back in 2014, I could support my family financially and was able to handle my own problems without any one’s support.

  I know it might sound funny, but it was one of my greatest achievements when I was able to open my own bank account, thanks to my steady income with SOLARKIOSK. You can’t believe how proud I am. I have managed to help my parents get electricity and pay the school fees for my young brother. My family respects me because instead of being a burden, I always come with solutions and financial support.

Jeannette has become a key member of the SOLARKIOSK Rwanda sales team; one of the 56 female E-HUBB operators who sell solar products, sustainable goods and energy services to their customers in rural communities. It is an energetic team who always want to improve their performance and learn new skills.

I would like to thank Solarkiosk for giving me the opportunity to grow my career by attending different training courses, which have helped me to gain sales skills, customer care and customer attraction.

At Solarkiosk, operators are valued, we are always asked to share our views. It is a positive corporate culture and it increases our morale and keeps us motivated.

We cannot be happier to have Jeannette on our team of all female, driven operators to continue to grow the reach of Solarkiosk in Rwanda and serve as ambassadors for women empowerment.

Jeannette Rwanda

I am a successful woman because of Solarkiosk Rwanda Ltd – Jeannette Umuhoza