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SOLARKIOSK’s Connected Solar Market Center (CSMC) is one of the most powerful off-grid concepts currently being developed. Each CSMC hosts multiple independent businesses accessing energy from the central E-HUBB, while enjoying space, infrastructure and support ‚Äì all provided by SOLARKIOSK.

A recent video demonstrates this. SOLARKIOSK has built such a CSMC in Kibindu, Tanzania where our local patrons can find a nice, green, solar powered Mall space in the middle of an off-grid community that becomes the secure community meeting space in the evening, thanks to the public plot light that has been installed there.

Through the provision of infrastructure and green, renewable solar electricity, in this CSMC we have empowered a number of local businesses:

  • A convenience retail store
  • A tailor store
  • A barber shop
  • An outdoor restaurant
  • A Pool billiard table
  • A cinema

Enjoy your virtual walk through our CSMC!