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If you have been following our recent stories, you will know that Charity Nosim is a 19-year-old cook at the local restaurant of the Olkiramatian CSMC (Connected Solar Market Center) in Kenya. The SOLARKIOSK CSMC has opened the world for her, giving her access to training and connecting her with the greater community of Olkiramatian.

During a recent visit to the CSMC, she excitedly shared some ideas and thoughts with us. Charity was thrilled to learn that there will soon be WiFi available at the CSMC, saying that more people are becoming drawn in with free internet, so it would be a great way to bring more people to the area, to be more connected. Moreover, Charity shared that the upcoming vegetable store will be of great help for the kitchen here, further saying fresher produce will bring more value to the customers that come eat at our restaurant. With the help of the innovative and entrepreneurial skills of Charity and her colleagues, the CSMC has been able to grow as a part of the community. Their ideas and enthusiasm bring great appreciation from the local community for the CSMC and its shops.

In her final comments, she presented a small request to the SOLARKIOSK team, I was hoping to be able to buy Masai garments, shoes as well as beads in the future at the E-HUBB. This way more customers would come here, and also come eat at our restaurant. Then I can also happily buy my clothes here.

It is thanks to the feedback and support from people like Charity, that allows SOLARKIOSK to evolve its ability to enable and empower.