SOLARKIOSK is excited to be partnering with Energy4Impact to bring energy access to entrepreneurs in rural off-grid communities in Kenya.

E4I is a non-profit organization working with local businesses in several East and West African countries to help grow sustainable clean energy markets, improve livelihoods and accelerate economic growth. They offer advisory services to clean energy-providing businesses and projects to help overcome challenges and resource gaps in technology, skills, delivery networks and capital.

SOLARKIOSK will soon implement its first Connected Solar Market Centers in rural Kenya. At these market centers, local entrepreneurs will access the clean energy produced by the E-HUBB to develop their business activities side by side with those of the E-HUBB, thereby strengthening economic development in these villages.

At these centers, SOLARKIOSK hopes to make it possible for barbers and hairdressers, small restaurants, motorbike repair shops, tailors, cyber cafes or viewing halls to grow and thrive alongside the E-HUBB, benefitting not only from reliable renewable energy but also from the foot traffic around the E-HUBB. Sun shading, tables and seating in the market center will also make it possible to host social and educational events, creating an environment which strengthens community cohesion.

Energy4Impact will join SOLARKIOSK in this endeavor by providing business advisory support to deploy the first Connected Solar Market Centers in Kenya, providing tools for development of entrepreneurs and customized businesses for the rural market.

Images from the upcoming CSMC