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One of the great advantages of SOLARKIOSK’s Pan-African setup, which spans no less than 6 countries, is that our teams can consistently learn more from one another’s trials and tribulations. This means that solutions that have been tried and tested in Tanzania for example, can serve as a blueprint for Kenya, and vice versa. We believe that this is the most exciting and interactive way to solve common challenges that affect our unique business model across Sub-Saharan Africa.

This collaborative approach inspired us to recently conduct a workshop at our offices in Nairobi, Kenya. We had colleagues from different countries and departments share their ideas and discuss ways in which we could streamline some of the most important policies and procedures within the business. The devil is always in the detail, and some of our teams have very successfully tackled the many little “devils” of our daily operations, particularly in supply chain management, which is so critical in providing reliable last mile distribution to the communities we want to impact.

This is just the beginning in a series of workshops that we hope will nurture not only the sharing of best-practice solutions across teams and countries but also help build strong relationships between SOLARKIOSK teams within Africa and Germany.

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