solar powered health center in jordan front picture 1

The German company Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH and Solarkiosk Indonesia are proud to announce that we will be implementing two solar powered health centers in Indonesia on Sumatra island, Lampung, with special focus on COVID-19 testing and vaccination.

These grid independent health-centers with autonomous (renewable) energy supply will impact the local population of approx. 720,000 inhabitants who currently have little or even no access to modern in vitro testing, health screening and vaccination. The project is carried-out in partnership with Swiss Re Foundation, and we are very grateful for their contribution. It includes our valued partners the Indonesian Renewable Energy Cooperative, Siemens Healthineers for testing intelligence, BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG with their unique technology to convert solar energy into usable power and store it for night time use, as well as
EcoPhi Renewables Engineering GmbH for remote monitoring.
The whole project builds on our vast experience which we gained with our previous health centers for refugee camps in Jordan and Bangladesh (image atached).
We are very excited and will keep you posted.

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