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At SOLARKIOSK we are aware that our middle management is the backbone of our network. The more our managers are empowered, the better our operations will run. As a result, we started a series of Middle Management training end of last year beginning in Rwanda.
We want to enable our middle managers with all the necessary skills to successfully grow into and beyond their management positions. The training aimed at strengthening management skills, which include organization skills such as setting targets, structuring team meetings, delegation, and soft skills like giving feedback and effective communication methods.


A few months after the training, we asked Evans Kipkorir, Finance Manager, and Steve Gakuru, Head of Customer Finance, how the training helped them.
What were your 3 most important takeaways from the training?
“Setting departmental goals, objectives and task prioritization using the priority matrix, which I have passed down to the entire finance team. The delegation of tasks and allowing the team members be responsible and accountable. And additionally, conducting an effective team meeting.”
“The delegation of responsibilities to team members, a setting of departmental goals and objectives, conflict resolution and motivation of the team.”
How has the training improved your management skills?
“Task prioritization skills have helped me to always be able to tackle tasks that are more urgent and important first and then followed by other tasks. Enabling me to deliver
the tasks effectively.”
“One of the practical examples of how training improved my management skills is the delegation and structuring of my team. This gives everyone the clear view of their responsibilities.”
What changes did you implement in your team after the training?
“I came up with two teams for my department, where each team leading the respective areas would be accountable and responsible for the tasks delegated to them.
This further built trust within our team and improved their time management.”
“The changes I implemented in my team was for the team to always provide to me with their weekly to-do list. Where each team member has tasks to be accomplished within a given period of time. Enabling for a more efficient and less stressed work environment.”
What did you like about the training?
“The whole training was great since it had many practical exercises that were related to the day to day activities that we encounter during our day to day work life.”
“What I liked most about the training was the methodology of training. It was open to everybody to give views on certain topics and how he/she understands something, which made it more fun.