Pastoralist communities

What if one solar product was your indoor lighting, security lighting to fend off wild animals and thus protecting your livestock livelihood, allowing your children to read, helping you fetch water and contributing to so many other aspects of your life?

This is the reality for many pastoralist communities in Kenya, who due to their geographical location, are difficult to reach by grid electricity.

These livestock-raising communities source from a number of tribes in Kenya. Their villages form a part of the catchment areas around SOLARKIOSK’s E-HUBBs, and we are proud to support them to access life-changing products at the last mile to address many of the challenges they face as a result of a lack of access to electricity.

In the area surrounding Oldonyiro, where the image below was taken, many of them hail from the Samburu tribe. These communities reside in communes known as ‘bomas’, a fenced area where house structures called ‘manyattas’ are the homesteads with a separate fenced area for livestock in the form of goats and cattle.

“Out at our home (boma), we do not have electricity. This solar panel is our electricity, it does everything,” notes one of the E-HUBB customers seen on the image.

Pastoralist communities