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In June, SOLARKIOSKS’s CEO Andreas Spiess accompanied Chancellor Angela Merkel and a handpicked delegation of German companies to Jordan and Lebanon. The main topic was how the private sector can support local economies in regards to the challenges that come with the high influx of refugees in these 2 countries. SOLARKIOSK¬¥s E-HUBBs have already been implemented in 2 refugee sites in Jordan. Their technology offers an essential solution bringing electricity, connectivity, water and medical appliances to refugees and host communities.

Andreas Spiess: I am proud and honored that SOLARKIOSK has been selected to represent the German private sector in this mission which is fundamental for all of us. More and more people from the Middle East and Africa will seek to migrate to Europe if they cannot find peace and opportunities to prosper in their motherland. SOLARKIOSK has both the technology and a scalable business model which can kickstart thousands of local businesses and create multiple jobs with each of these businesses where they are most needed: at the base of the pyramid.