06 The Proposal

THE PULSE is a physical network of rural business, trading, leisure & service centers, tailored to the needs of rural communities. THE PULSE centers provide a dynamic “pulsating” infrastructure for local entrepreneurs and customers, national & international companies, NGOs and GOs as the central “go-to” point in the community, empowering & transforming the rural BoP from within, leapfrogging development and infrastructure.

THE PULSE will take a significant market share in the largely untapped and until today mostly neglected underserved multi-billion USD retail and wholesale market: rural communities throughout Africa (and potentially worldwide), with an aggregated market size per community of approx. half a million USD – per month. A small market share per community will not only pay back the initial investment cost for THE PULSE centers, but also provide a sustainable, profitable business. By doing well, THE PULSE will be doing good and transforming the lifes of millions people at the BoP, creating thousands of job opportunities and new SME businesses on grassroot level, e.g. where most needed.

Solarkiosk is now fundraising for implementing and operating 180 THE PULSE centers in Rwanda – where several pilots were successfully conducted -, breaking even after three years and establishing a lasting profitable business.

If you are interested as an investor or partner please visit THE PULSE website